Drone Flying at the Priory

If you looked up in the Paré-Howlett Hall on Wednesday, May 3rd, you would have seen tiny drones buzzing around and eager smiles on the faces of the Grade 5 and 6 students who were flying them. As part of an exciting science week at The Priory School, our senior students were introduced to the quickly growing world of drone flying by Nick Iversen, Founder of Canadian Drone Academy. “Flight School” started with an in-class session, where Mr. Iversen explained the current rules and regulations for flying larger drones. He then introduced the students to new terms, such as rotor, yaw, pitch and throttle, explaining how drones maneuver and stay in the air. The Grade 6 class received a special treat, taking turns to look through specially constructed video goggles, which were connected to a camera on one of the drones. When flown by Mr. Iversen, a master drone pilot and racer, our students were able to receive a “drone’s eye” view of the Priory gymnasium. Big thanks to Mr. Iversen as well as Mr. Sean Smith, Founder and CEO of VOZWIN, an aerospace consulting and custom drone manufacturing firm specializing in custom UAV design and compliance, for organizing this unforgettable experience for our senior students and also contributing to the success of The Priory’s Maker Faire the next day. 

For more information, please contact Davey Lahteenmaa, Development and Alumni Relations Officer at dlahteenmaa@priory.qc.ca or 514-935-5966 Ext. 227

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