Off-Campus Learning

At The Priory, field trips are an integral part of the learning experience. Field trips expand children's learning through hands-on experiences and add realism to the topic being studied. Read about all the wonderful field trips our students have participated in this year.


A Visit to Canada’s CAPITAL

On Friday, September 7th, grades 5 and 6 students enjoyed a sunny day in Ottawa. The morning started out with a visit to the National Gallery, where Grade 5 explored European and contemporary art, and Grade 6 appreciated Canadian Indigenous pieces. Then it was off to Parliament Hill for a picnic lunch on our country's front lawn. In the afternoon, students got to explore the Parliament buildings while learning about how an idea grows into a bill and then gets passed into a law. Some highlights included seeing the House of Commons, the Library of Parliament, and the Senate.

Circus School


Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Kindergarten and Grade 1 did just that for a day, when they attended the Verdun Circus School. Specially trained animators demonstrated their circus skills and conducted bilingual mini-workshops for small groups of eager participants. Throughout the day our Priory students were walking tightropes and balance beams, swinging from the trapeze, bouncing on the trampoline, practicing the art of tumbling and learning how to juggle and spin plates. The circus make-up area, with face painting artists and funny playhouse mirrors, transformed the children into butterflies, tigers, puppy dogs and other fantastic creatures. At the end of the day they were treated to a little performance that both pleased and amazed. Happy and tired from a very active yet satisfying trip, they returned home ready to share their adventures with their family and friends.


Exploring Cap St. Jacques


On a beautifully sunny spring morning, the Grade 2 and 3 students and teachers embarked on a fun and pleasant two day trip. Excitement was building up the days prior to the trip and upon arrival everyone worked together to make this a most memorable and enjoyable trip. Sunny weather allowed for maximum outdoor play even though so many children found tremendous joy in relaxing in their bunks, playing chess and organizing strategic spying games. They all welcomed the freedom and safety they experience at Cap St. Jacques. The children were also treated to an early morning walk to the beach, a search for frogs, toads, caterpillars and the making of delicious and gooey smores. The Grade 2 and 3 children had an opportunity to make new friends and get to know each other better. The teachers were also able to appreciate how all the children collaborated in making this a very special and worthwhile event. Grade 2 looks forward to being the 'Cap St. Jacques Seniors' next year and Grade 3 only wishes that they could still attend. 




The Kindergarten class, along with the Priory Choir, participated in a community service outing to VISTA Seniors Residence in honour of Mother’s Day, where former Priory Principal Ms. McConnon is a resident. The students sang songs and shared cookies with their appreciative audience creating happy memories for everyone!  


Rock Climbing Adventure


Grade 3 has been exploring different types of forces this term. On April 26th, Grade 3 students attempted to defeat the force of gravity by rock climbing at Horizon Roc. As one classmate made his/her way to the summit, the others pulled ropes, held on tightly and called out words of encouragement. For some of the students this was their first time wearing a harness and climbing a wall, Spiderman style. The grade 3 students gave this activity a thumbs up. They wanted to try out the zip line and ‘big’ rock. Many have made plans to return with their family. Looks like many moms will be spending a day at Horizon Roc for Mother’s day, as the children can’t wait to  try out their rock climbing skills.


Ski Alpin à Bromont


Les élèves de 5ème et 6ème années ont profité de la neige lors de leur journée de ski alpin à Bromont. La journée a été remplie de descentes sous le soleil du printemps. Quelle journée extraordinaire!


Video Game Workshop

3rd graders took an exciting trip downtown to GamePlay Space and met with producers, creators and programmers of video and computer games, while learning the fundamentals of video game design. Some of the lessons learned were provided by the designers who attributed their success to science, math and engineering. The children walked away with a deeper appreciation for the hard work and the amount of hours and dedication that goes into the creation and testing of their favourite video games. 


Halloween Day at Vista


On Halloween Day, spiderman, princesses, catwoman, batgirl, pirates and other unusual characters paraded through the doors of the Vista Seniors' Residence. Ms. McConnon, former Priory Principal, fearlessly greeted the Kindergarten children at the door as she would have many years ago at the Priory entrance. The activity room buzzed with excitement as our beloved seniors helped the children decorate treat bags which they used for trick or treating at the various stations. It was evident that everyone had been eagerly anticipating and preparing for this horrorlicious event as the children left with gifts of beautifully decorated pumpkins and the seniors looked forward to their gift of delectable chocolates.




Mardi 31 octobre, les 3es années sont allés à Pointe-à-Callière dans le Vieux-Port où ils ont eu beaucoup de plaisir à étudier les Iroquoiens du Saint-Laurent. Les élèves ont pu solidifier et renforcer leurs connaissances déjà acquises en Univers social en participant à des ateliers sur leurs activités quotidiennes. De plus, les élèves ont regardé un film captivant concernant l'histoire de la ville de Montréal. C'était sans aucun doute un voyage très agréable et informatif pour tous les participants.


L'Écomusée de Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue


Le 30 octobre dernier, les élèves de la 2e année ont eu la chance de visiter L'Écomusée de Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Une visite guidée  leur a permis d'observer d'impressionnantes espèces d’animaux du Québec dans un cadre chaleureux et naturel.  Les élèves ont bien sûr été amenés à établir des liens avec les notions et concepts travaillés en classe. Une belle journée remplie de découvertes!


Trees Up Close


The Grade 1 students enjoyed their first field trip of the year last Wednesday. They went to the Botanical Gardens and it was a fabulous day. The children began their morning at the north end of the gardens at the "Tree House" where they participated in a very interesting tree workshop called "Trees Up Close". They discovered three facts which prove that trees are alive. One of their classmates was even transformed into a tree right in front of their eyes! They also learned about the different parts of a tree and their functions as well as the importance of trees for animals and people. They obtained more information through a slide show that demonstrated the extent to which animals depend on trees for survival. Magnifying glasses and a huge assortment of tree parts were laid out for the students to experience hands-on activities allowing them to get a very close look at trees. Our little scientists were excited to share their discoveries with their peers, their teachers, the parent volunteers and our workshop leader. Everyone left the tree house with tons of knowledge and admiration for these amazing living things called trees. The trip continued with a picnic lunch and exercise as they explored the outdoor Halloween park filled with spooky games, races, mazes and more. They finished off the excursion with a walk through the greenhouses. They viewed trees from all over the world and enjoyed a visit to the pumpkin display where hundreds of decorated pumpkins delighted and inspired our Priory children. Fun was had by all!


Exploring the Ecomuseum


Did you know that a porcupine’s quills are hollow like a straw; that black bears are not always black; that caribou are the only members of the deer family where both males and females have antlers; that otters have a transparent eye lid they use when swimming under water? The Priory Kindergarten class does!  On a sunny autumn morning, the Kindergarten class, teachers, and loving parent volunteers went on a nature walk with very knowledgeable guides through the Ecomuseum grounds in Ste-Anne-de- Bellevue.  Because the weather was so beautiful, all the animals were out and curious. The students saw foxes, bears, caribou, lynx, wolves (even a baby!), rabbits, raccoons, skunks, martens, porcupines and snowy owls. Thanks to the expertise of enthusiastic guides the children learned all about the animals that share Quebec as their home, how they prepare for winter in their habitats, and how important animal conservation is. One of the highlights was an “up close and personal” encounter with a painted turtle and a snake! After a snack the students returned to school excited to share their adventures with their families and friends. A special thank you to our fabulous parent volunteers who joined us on our first outing, helping to make it a family affair. 


The Importance of Trees


Grade 1 Priory students went on an outing to NDG park for some deeper learning about the importance of trees. They experienced first-hand what happens when there are less trees in our environment by walking through the park and viewing the aftermath of the microburst during August's big storm. The next step is to write letters to the city with ideas about what to do with all of the wood from fallen branches and cut down tree trunks. The mayor will also be invited to visit the grade one classroom to hear suggestions on which types of trees we would like to see planted, to answer questions and to help us research ideas on ways we can help with the reforestation of the park.


Team Building AT Owl's Head


During the second week of school, Grade 5 and 6 students took off on an exciting adventure to the Eastern Townships. The highlight was the hike up Mount Owl's Head, and the encouragement the children provided one another along the way. It was an extraordinary moment when everyone reached the top to take in the beautiful views of lac Memphremagog. Students participated in a myriad of outdoor activities including, swimming, boating, sports on the beach, and several team building games organized by their teachers. In the evening, the children enjoyed a barbecue dinner, followed by a campfire on the beach while roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. From the smiles on their faces, it was clear that great friendships were being formed and great memories were being made. What a special way to kick off our school year!