Priory Pride


The Priory Earns The Montreal Community Cares (MCC) Award

The Priory strives to provide an educational environment that encourages empathy and social responsibility towards others. At The Priory students do not end their learning journey with a test or a bulletin board to show what they have learned, they are encouraged to take their knowledge and apply it to some greater good. Throughout the year, students participate in a number of community service initiatives, learning a sense of responsibility and the joy of giving. As The Priory School makes the term ‘igniting positive change’ a part of everyday vocabulary, our school can proudly say that 100% of the student body participates in regular community service initiatives.  Through deeper learning projects and active volunteering, Priory students explore ways to make a difference in the communities in which they live. As a true testament to the Priory’s willingness to inspire children to create positive change in the world, the entire Priory teaching faculty and students were nominated and proudly received the 2018 Montreal Community Cares Foundation (MCCF) award for ‘Community Leader, Elementary School’, which recognizes Montrealers for being community champions actively involved in making Montreal a better place to live. 


GMAA Halo Road Race

halo road race 2018 winners.jpg

The Priory’s Cross-Country Running Team, led by Mr. Gentile, Mme Martineau and Mr. Peters, spent the last four weeks training twice a week for the annual GMAA Halo Road Race at Mount Royal, where over 4000 elementary school students participate every year. Each child worked on personal goal setting for race day on Thursday, May 17th, and focused on doing their best. The post-race chatter focused on congratulations and discussions about how proud they are of themselves and The Priory. Several of our students finished in the top ten, with two students winning medals.

Congratulations to all our runners and our medal winners: 
Aerin Handa (Grade 5) - Silver Medal
Harry Edge (Grade 4) - Bronze Medal


On a bright and sunny April morning, with over sixty students participating, The Priory School held its 23rd Annual QAIS Chess Tournament. Chess aficionados led by Canadian Chess Challenge Provincial Coordinator, Maria Manuri, Frank Teuton, George Levtchouk, and the Priory Chess Tournament Chair, Jennifer Kearney, ensured that the games ran smoothly. Priory students represented their school admirably and we are proud of each and every one of them. Of these QAIS chess enthusiasts, eight of our very own medaled or took home qualification certificates to the Provincial Tournament.  Congratulations go out to: Miles Barnaby (Kindergarten), Valentino Salvatore (Garde 3) and Nicolas Lim (Grade 5) who garnered a gold medal, Aryan Tavassoli for his silver medal performance and Kieran Schirman (Kindergarten), Scarlett Playford (Grade 1), Minh Phan (Grade 3) who brought home the bronze, and Oliver Ohanian who qualified for the Quebec Chess Provincial Challenge to be held on Sunday, April 15. Good luck in the Provincials!


La Dictée P.G.L

PGL web.jpg

Nous sommes fiers de nos élèves qui ont participé à La Dictée P.G.L, un concours international. C’est samedi dernier qu’a eu lieu la finale régionale de La Dictée P.G.L. pour la région de Montréal. Lors de cette journée, plusieurs jeunes de 5ème et de 6ème année ont tenté de déjouer les pièges de la dictée. Parmi eux, 16 élèves se sont démarqués et accéderont à la Grande finale internationale le 20 mai prochain, à Montréal dont une élève du Priory!  Félicitations à Marilena Sahlas-Roy et bonne chance!




What do Alessandro Volta, the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the forgotten hero of Dunkirk all have in common? They were all part of the 18th annual Priory School Heritage Fair. The event showcased over 60 projects by Grades 4,5 and 6, and class projects prepared by our junior classes on Celebrating Diversity, Inuit Life, Comment les animaux du Québec suivent-ils en hiver, and Fifa World Cup. Projects on the Ice Storm of 1998, the story of the 10th Mountain Division, and the life of Julius Caesar were but a few of the many presentations prepared by our senior students. Each project was evaluated by two adjudicators comprised of School Heads, faculty and professionals from the community. Fifteen Priory gold medals were awarded to the following students for their outstanding level of research, originality and creativity and oral presentation and interview:

Renaud Larente-Blais (Grade 4) – Julius Caesar
Gabriel Nudo (Garde 4) – Canadian Pacific Railway
Timka Okhmatovskiy (Grade 4) – Yuri Gagarin
Gianluca Simonelli (Grade 4) – History of Soccer
Sylvia Barrios Gotor (Grade 5) – The Forgotten Hero of Dunkirk
Abigail Dimeny-Kiss (Grade 5) The Manhattan Project
Alaska Peters and Callum MacDonald (Grade 5) – The Ice Storm of 1998
Henry Bambrough (Grade 6) – What was Pompeii?
Angelica Nicastro (Grade 6) – Diana
Gianfranco Nudo and Christopher Torabi (Grade 6) – How did the Fat Man and a Little Boy Change the World?
Marilena Sahlas-Roy (Grade 6) – What were Residential Schools?
Joanna Scalia (Grade 6) – Who was Allesandro Volta?
Mason Winter (Grade 6) – What was the 10th Mountain Division?



Congratulations to Our Published Authors

publishers pride1.JPG

Polar Expressions Publishing of Canada holds an annual national poetry and short story contest to encourage creativity and self-expression. From thousands of entries across Canada, six students from Grade 6 were chosen to have their short stories and poems published in the upcoming Polar Expressions Anthologies entitled "Fly Me to the Moon" and "Chasing Moonlight". Congratulations to Olivia Darlington, Aerin Handa, Angelica Nicastro, Aejandro Rodriguez Pardo, Marilena Sahlas-Roy and Mason Winter for a job well done!   


Honourable Mention


The Grade 2 class recently entered the ChickaDEE’s Dream School contest. Students had to come up with an idea for a cool school, draw a picture and describe it in a few sentences. Congratulations to Birch Peters for receiving an honourable mention in the January/February issue of chickaDEE Magazine. 

The 17th Annual Heritage Fair

History was brought to life by Priory students on March 1st as they demonstrated their knowledge and enthusiasm in a wide range of historical themes during the 17th annual Heritage Fair. The event featured class projects prepared by our junior grades on Our Families, the Inuit Culture, Notre Communauté and a Celebration of Canada exploring iconic landmarks, and showcased over 60 individual projects by Grades 4,5 and 6, with twenty community members and past principals acting as judges. Projects on the Civil Rights Movement, the story of Human Evolution, and the life of Marco Polo were but a few of the many presentations prepared by our students. Among the many compeling projects presented, was one very close to our hearts, the history of The Priory School, its co-founders, Priory values and past principals, presented by Aerin Handa and Karla Uranga-Jimenez, both Grade 5 students. It was evident to all in attendance that students had not only put tremendous effort into their presentations, but had also learned how these historic events or individuals have impacted our world. Congratulations to all students for their level of research, engaging presentation and passion for learning! Fifteen gold medals were awarded to the following students for their outstanding level of oral presentation, interview and creativity: 

Saloni Chawla (Grade 6) - Steve Jobs
Alexandra Gagnon & Desmond Lafontant (Grade 6) - Muhammad Ali
Sylvia Barrios Gotor (Grade 4) - What Was the Trojan War?
Aerin Handa & Karla Uranga-Jimenez (Grade 5) - The Priory School
Alexander Henderson & Nicolas Lancry (Grade 6) - Who Was Marco Polo?
Kyogeon Kim (Grade 6) - The History of the Clock
Oliver Lin & Ryan Wang (Grade 6) - Human Evolution
Miranda MacDonald & Jacqueline Seitz (Grade 6) - The Civil Rights Movement
Gianfranco Nudo (Grade 5) - Pelé
Christopher Torabi (Grade 5) - Richard Branson


Chess’n Math Scholastic Team Tournament

Canada’s National Scholastic Chess Organization held its Annual Tournament on February 26th at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. Congratulations goes out to Daniel Cabrera-Thompson, Luca Mattei, Oliver Ohanian, Minh Phan, and Valentino Salvatore, for representing their school with great character and pride and congratulations to "Team Priory Pirates" for placing 2nd place in the Chess'n Math Team Tournament. We are proud of you!

Thales Grade 3 Math Challenge

Students from the Grade 3 class, wrote the Thales National Math Competition which is administered by Mathematica Centrum.  More than 60, 000 students participated in this year’s contest.  We are proud to announce that 14 of our Priory Grade 3 students have received Certificates of Distinction for scoring higher than the national Canadian average: Maryam Almarzouki, Alec Barin, Sylvia Barrios, Jayson Chako Tchako, Jemima Destine St-Martin, Abigail Dimeny-Kiss, Lesia Emelina, Kennedy Kuperhause, Nicolas Lim, Callum MacDonald, Serena Miller, Alaska Peters, Kristina Schirmann and Avery Winter. A special medal of great distinction is awarded to Alec Barin who has obtained the highest score in the Grade. Congratulations to all Grade 3 participants!


Congratulations to our Priory Published Poets 2015

Creative Minds Publishing holds a competitive annual poetry contest to celebrate creativity and offer an opportunity to showcase the writing of Canadians. This year, two Priory Grade 6 students have been selected for publication in a national poetry book celebrating young poets. Congratulations to our talented poets and published writers: Roxana Barin and Maeve Harrington.


International Model United Nations Debate

Congratulations to Flavia Marroni ('2014) who was invited to present at the 2015 International Model United Nations (PIMUM) debate in Paris. A challenging exercise for future leaders, PIMUM invites students from around the world to debate about current and international issues.


Young Writers of Canada Poetry Contest 

The Poetry Institute of Canada holds an annual poetry and short story contest to encourage young authors and poets. Congratulations to Victoria Amorim, Domenic Continelli, Marcella Da Silva, Sophie Manning, Flavia Marroni, Grace McGuire, Natasha Ryan, Peter Seers and Veronica Verenini on achieving an Award of Excellence in the National Poetry Contest for young writers. Their works have been published in an anthology entitled "Skating Under the Stars".


Our Published Authors

 From thousands of entries from almost five hundred schools across Canada, seven students from The Priory Grade Six class were chosen to have their poems and short stories published in an upcoming Polar Expressions Anthology. Congratulations to Victoria Amorim, James Chen, Grace McGuire, Olivia Pittman, Aidan Price-Gallagher, Mary Roper and Vicky Wang for a job well done! 


Royal CommonWealth Essay Winners

Each year, our Grades 4 to 6 students take part in the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition. This year's theme was "Team Commonwealth" and one of our Grade 6 students won 1st Prize at the provincial level. Congratulations to Grace McGuire with her short story entitled, "The Brave Ones". Also, Highly Commended honours went to Aidan Price-Gallagher for his short story, "Paw Prints" and to Mary Roper for her short story entitled, "You're One of Us Now". Natasha Ryan received a Commendation for her short story "United We Stand". 


QAIS Passionate Presenters

The Priory School had the honour of hosting the first Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS) Bilingual Elementary Showcase on Wednesday, May 7th. This event gave elementary school children from St Georges, The Study, Talmud Torah, LCC, Notre Dame de Sion, ECS, Selwyn House, Emmanuel Christian School and The Priory an opportunity to shine and shine they did!

Children creatively presented their work in front of an audience, in either official languages, with great poise and enthusiasm. The presentations included, but not limited to, a persuasive speech on cyber bullying, a scene from the Sound of Music, poem recitals, a presentation on the life of Vincent Van Gogh and song performances. Three Priory students, Adam Stix, Domenic Continelli and Luca Pascali, made us proud with stellar presentations on 'the homework debate', 'what makes us happy', and 'pas d'école?'

A Special thanks to Principal Tim Peters, Mr. Sidney Benudiz, the Executive Director of QAIS, and the participating schools for their contribution. The QAIS Bilingual Elementary Showcase proved to be more than a platform for presenters; it was an opportunity to celebrate individuality, self-confidence and an appreciation for each other's interests and strengths.

The Sealing of The Neuro's Time Capsule

What would you put in a time capsule that will be opened in 2085? On Friday, May 6th, The Priory's Grade 5 and 6 students witnessed the sealing of the Montreal Neurological Institute's time capsule. Last year, both classes participated in a contest to submit their ideas of what to put into the new time capsule. Winning ideas came from Priory students William Roper and Caterina Alfieri. Both students had the opportunity to be a part of Montreal's scientific and historic legacy and were asked to place selected items into the capsule. The capsule was placed in the cornerstone of the Neurological Institute and will be reopened on the Neuro's 150th anniversary in 2085!

Young Minds…. Big Ideas, All Making A Difference
The Priory School S.W.A.T. Team "Garners Gold"

What do technology and community service have in common? At The Priory School, plenty! Under ICT teacher Anita DiStefano's guidance, a group of nine talented and innovative grade six students decided to work together to advance technology at their school and to use their creative talents to help others. With this in mind, the S.W.A.T. Team (Students Working to Advance Technology) decided to produce a Priory School Christmas Concert DVD that would be sold to family and friends. The resulting $1447.00 raised was donated to a very grateful St. Gabriel's Food Bank to help needy families in the area. The S.W.A.T. Team then decided to enter the 12th Annual Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest and collaboratively put together a beautiful Memory Book and insightful wiki (web site) of their community service endeavors to share with others. The many long hours and hard work preparing this project reaped enormous rewards as The Priory S.W.A.T. Team won first prize in the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Montreal Region for Elementary Cycle 3 and received a cheque for $500 which will be donated to the United Nations Organization. The team project has been selected to go on to the Quebec National Competition. This year, almost 70 000 students were involved in developing 2 729 entrepreneurial projects from all over Québec during the 2009-2010 school year. Young minds…big ideas, all making a difference! 

The Priory's Robotics Team Brings Home the Trophy

The Priory School's Robotics Team competed for the first time, in the annual Robotics Competition, held on April 24th and 25th, and won the trophy for "Best school"! In addition, the Shot Put Team of Cedrik Moore (team captain), Aidan Reckziegel, William Roper and Harrison Yue along with Amritpal Padda, Devin Soosai Heronimus and Alexander Torabi took top honours and won the Event Winner category of having the overall best score!

This challenging competition requires students to create, build and program fully functional robots giving students an opportunity to apply their problem solving skills. Thirteen students, working together as a team, some concentrating on the design, others on the creation and building while others concentrated on programming and debugging, competed in a series of events grouped together under an Olympics theme, where students had to undergo five separate and challenging events. Congratulations to our Robotics Team, you have made us very proud!