Here's What They Say About The Priory...

"The Priory girls fit right in at Sacred Heart and we value their wonderful sense community. They are well-prepared for a full academic and cultural life and their infectious spirit complements the atmosphere that we are developing for our students." ~The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

"Students from The Priory are always well prepared. They have a solid academic foundation, contribute significantly to Loyola's extracurricular activity programs and bring with them a good sense of self discipline and respect for others." ~Loyola High School

"We warmly welcome students from The Priory. The students are well prepared for the academic and extra-curricular challenges of LCC's Middle School. It's obvious that they are products of a warm, caring and supportive school and they adapt quickly here at LCC..." ~Lower Canada College

"The Priory students arrive at Selwyn House prepared to engage positively in the challenge that learning requires." ~Selwyn House

"The Priory has been a second home for my children, providing them in their formative years with a truly unique learning experience. Under the loving guidance of a dedicated staff my children achieved academic excellence and developed intellectually, morally and socially. Countless generations of children, including myself, have passed through its doors on the way to leading successful and meaningful lives." ~Magda Bruce, Interpreter, former student and parent of three Priory students

The child's innate curiosity needs to be guided in a way that keeps that curiosity alive to grow into a life-long intellectual curiosity. And this happens only in an atmosphere not of drudgery but of joy in the act of learning-experiencing what Bernard Lonergan has termed 'the pure desire to know'. This is the image I have always noted in the Priory's school agenda." ~J. Martin O'Hara, Former member of the Board of The Priory School, Retired Professor of Education, McGill University, and Vice-president (Academic) Thomas More Institute

"Parents value the enhanced sense of community in this spiritually based school, noted also in their CESI report. They teach you to become a better person where you learn by example, sharing, doing and being, as opposed to 'do this' and 'do that'." ~Good Schools Guide International

The Priory is a CA+IS accredited school. What that means is that our school is part of a community of the best schools in Canada. Through the all-encompassing accreditation process, the Chair of the CAIS visiting committee reported that, “The Priory School is a remarkable independent elementary school. It is a school that believes children should be allowed to be children, to play, sing, perform, discover and explore their world in a caring and nurturing environment.” In a crowded Montreal/Westmount independent school setting, The Priory holds a special place. It is a vibrant environment that nurtures deep connections through personal growth. The Priory community should be proud of their school.” ~David Thompson, Chair, CAIS Visiting Committee