Alumni Events

Happy Birthday, Priory School!

Seventy years… a time to celebrate and a time to share old stories and make new memories.  This is exactly what The Priory Family did on the occasion of its seventieth year of an exceptional school and a caring community!   Past and present parents, teachers, principals and friends of The Priory, showed their love of "the little red school house on The Boulevard" as they gathered to celebrate The Priory 70th Anniversary with a special afternoon at The Priory, full of cherished memories and experiences. A moving musical interlude presented by Mr. Davey Lahteenmaa and Mme Hélène Martineau in memory of Connie Blair, a devoted teacher at The Priory School from 1974 until her retirement in 1993, filled the room as guests sang along to "Children of the Light".

Over 120 alumni, representing 26 graduating years attended the celebration, which began in the Paré Howlett Hall, with opening remarks by past and present principals, Ms. McConnon, John Marinelli, and Tim Peters. In their remarks, heartfelt stories and lovely sentiments were shared; each one affirming how being the principal of The Priory was and is a Blessing!  The guests were taken on a journey of The Priory with a video presentation and a special timeline that ran along the perimeter of the hall which captured the school's long and colorful history. School tours allowed visiting alumni an opportunity to explore the school as it is today and reminisce about their classroom memories. A special thank you to everyone who joined us for the Alumni Reunion and a big thanks to the organizing committee, made up of teachers and staff, who helped make this celebration a day to remember! 


Alumni Come Back to “The Old School”

Thank you to all the alumni who came back to The Priory School on Wednesday, April 27 for the 2016 Alumni Reunion for recent graduates. Fifty-one prior students from the past five years of graduates returned to create new Priory memories through participating in a series of diverse and exciting challenges. Alumni answered tricky trivia questions that tested their knowledge about the years in which they graduated. A popular song challenge required them to identify chart-topping tunes from 2011-2015. Priory memories were reconstructed using a room filled with Lego. Finally, former classmates helped each other navigate through a maze to retrieve elusive objects while blind-folded! Finally, alumni were able to relax and catch up over a slice of yummy pizza. Conversations and catching up continued long into the evening. Come back soon! 

Class of 2005 Priory Family Reunion

Priory graduates of the class of 2005 reunited to reminisce about their most cherished Priory memories. They shared memories about the weekly assemblies, delicious lunches, Priory sports teams and their Priory teachers and classmates. The years have passed but the memories and friendships made live long in their hearts. After a toast and reciting the Priory prayer of thanks, alumni and teachers dined together while sharing laughs and good times. Many thanks to Alain Ha '2005 for taking the initiative and organizing this joyful event on Saturday, May 31st at Holders Restaurant in Old Montreal. The guests in attendance included Priory graduates: Sami Zubair, Jimmy Hse, Sean Canlas, Alex Aksich, Henry Chen, Jayson Yuskovitz, Sarp Arditi, Veronica Poplawski, Luana Zappitelli, Kayla Mannucci, Priory teachers and staff, Mrs. Jennifer Kearney, Mr. Davey Lahteenmaa, Mme Ilana Kuska and Mrs. Anita DiStefano, former teacher Mrs. Debbie Merritt, and former Principal John Marinelli. The Priory Family Reunion ended by celebrating a Priory tradition: Group Photo!


The Priory School's Amazing Race Reunion

What better way to spend a snowy April day than to come back to The Priory School for an alumni reunion? That's exactly what over forty Priory alumni and past parents did on Friday, April 27th for The Priory School's Amazing Race Reunion. The alumni and past parents had a chance to explore the new school wing while performing a variety of challenges. They built sculptures out of recyclable materials in the new art classroom, competing for who could build the tallest tower that could stay standing after being transported. In the new music room, they made up songs for their team and were encouraged to include solos and dance moves. They completed brain teasers in the new grade 4 classroom, and they tried to make wacky basketball shots in the new gym.

They convened in the gym to give their final song and dance performance. Memorable moments include Charles Regimbal's song and dance solo, and Alexander Torabi's incredible solo of "Children of the Light" remixed! While the yellow team was the conqueror, the real winners were everyone who participated in The Priory School's Amazing Race Alumni Reunion.

Priory Family Reunion

The Priory School Alumni came together for the "Family Reunion" on the evening of December 1st, 2011. Special guests included former principals Ms. McConnon who taught at The Priory from 1961-1969 and was principal from 1969-1995, and Mr. Marinelli who was principal from 1995-2006, and former teachers Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Tkachuk, Mrs. Blair, Mrs. Waite (who still teaches Faith First), and newly retired Mrs. Riggs. Alumni and past parents from as far back as the 1950s and up to 2006 were given tours of the new school wing by current staff members, browsed through photos from their Priory days, and shared stories with one another and their teachers about their Priory memories. There was wine, hors d'oeuvres, and the legendary mac and cheese to put smiles on everyone's faces. Many thanks to everyone who made the time to come out!

Alumni Gathering

On Friday, May 6th, over sixty Priory alumni returned to their "home away from home" for the Annual Zany Reunion. After searching the school high and low for clues in the scavenger hunt, they gathered together in The Priory gymnasium to be divided into four teams: The Green Team, The Yellow Rubber Duckies, Blue Boomerangs, and the Red Cubs. Together they played a little "secrets game", where they were given secrets of both their fellow alumni and the teachers and they had to guess whose secret it was. Soon after, excitement filled the air with the beginning of the Zany Games. First up was "Kin-Ball Catch," which was followed by "Quick Ninja." After defending their "tails" whilst blindfolded and many silly mishaps along the way, the teams tried to have the least amount of laundry in their quadrant while playing "Clean Your Room." The Yellow Rubber Duckies were the overall champions, and will have their team name inscribed on the Alumni Zany games plaque. Re-energized by pizza and cake, alumni spilled out onto the soccer field, basketball court and playground to have fun and reminisce about their younger years. Thank you to everyone who attended! It was so much fun to see you, and how much you have all grown!


Priory Memories

"Without oil, the world would be a very boring place."
A letter written by Chris Kieran '72

In the fall of 1972, Mme. Srepel gave her Senior B (a combined group of Grade 5 and 6) Social Studies class an assignment to research and write an essay on oil. I had just arrived at the school and was eager to impress...

"Leadership, where is it born?"
An Article by a Priory Alumna Mila Araujo-Salas'86

When I was 11 years old, I attended The Priory School in Westmount, Quebec. Many of the teachers who were there then have only just retired in the past couple of years. Their dedication to their students and their caring and involvement in students personal development was strongly felt by us students. I loved my school; I loved going there every day; the environment was always warm in every aspect down to the home-made meals, and their notorious macaroni and cheese...