Alumni Class Reps

Each year a student in the graduating class is selected to receive the Alumni Award and to serve as an invaluable link between the school and fellow graduates. As Class Representative, the Alumni Award recipient is tasked with the responsibility of notifying fellow classmates about upcoming events at The Priory.


Julia Taljic 1995

Anderton Burke 1996

Sharlini Ratheenthiran 1997

Adrian Cardoso1998

Tanya Wong 1999

Joseph Kucera 2000

Elizabeth Tabakow 2001

Caitlin DeSeve 2002

Leila Ghaemi 2003

Lawrence Angel 2004

Alain Ha 2005

Phillipa Nicholl 2006

Ryan, Hannah 2007

Christine Ha 2008

Devin Soosai Heronimus and Katya Zappitelli 2009

C.Y. Huynh-Purdy and Harrison Yue 2010

Lucille Xiang and Casey McGuire 2011

Sophia Michakis 2012

Lukas Motivans2013

Alexandro Koutroubis 2014

James Lustig 2015