Deeper Learning at The Priory 

There has long been an emphasis on "deeper learning", at the Priory School. Evidence of this desire for students to self-direct their own learning and become lifelong learners can be found in the writings of Mrs. Francis Ballantyne, our school's Founder. Read about some of the exciting projects currently engaging our students at The Priory School!


Students Create their own AR Experiences

Augmented reality (AR) provides new and exciting ways of learning. With augmented reality, students hold up their tablets to see digital content and information placed in the real world by using triggers like images. Mrs. Rolnick’s Grade 6 students are not simply users but creators of augmented reality. Students used their creativity and imagination to help bring the solar system to life through avatars, animations and videos.  A deeper learning project exploring whether or not other planets are habitable, augmented reality helped bring a new dimension to learning and teaching.


Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration

monarch butterfly journey.jpg

As part of a deeper learning experience on one of the world's natural wonders, Mrs. MacKinnon’s Grade 2 Ambassadors of the Monarchs, participated in a symbolic monarch butterfly migration along with over 60,000 students across North America. In the fall, each student created beautiful paper butterflies that were sent on their long journey to Mexico for the winter months. Our students recently discovered that Emiliano Zapata Elementary School, located in El Asoleadero community, near the El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary, received the class monarch butterfly to protect and take care of in the winter. Our Grade 2 Ambassadors are looking forward to learning more about the monarch butterfly migration and receiving paper butterflies, with messages made by other students, migrating in the spring, just as the real Monarchs begin their return from Mexico.

Could life on earth survive the sun burning out?


When asked to explore if life on earth could survive the sun burning out, the Grade 3 deepened their understanding by learning about how the moon, earth and sun interact. This lead to further analysis of the function of the sun, shadows, where light comes from, the phases of the moon and moon travel. They researched and referred to the Chris Hatfield website for answers regarding gravity and how astronauts live in space. Their learning was enhanced even further when they created LED light bulbs using crocodile wires and batteries. Students are currently designing and creating orbiting models of the moon, earth and sun using various materials and methods including automata. The Grade 3 students came to appreciate how the sun impacts our daily lives.

Quels sont les risques à Montréal? projet d'apprentissage approfondi

risques montreal (1).JPG

Quels sont les risques à Montréal? Une conférencière invitée de la Ville de Montréal a parlé à nos élèves de 6e année des risques, d'un plan d'action et de la façon dont la ville gère les situations d'urgence, dans le cadre de leur projet d'apprentissage approfondi (#deeperlearning) avec Mme Martineau

Fort McMurray

Nos étudiants, Chris, Connor et Dempsey, ont fait appel à Nicolas Pelletier, journaliste à Radio Canada, qui était à Fort McMurray lors des feux qui ont détruit une partie de la ville. Ils ont utilisé Google Meet pour poser des questions pertinentes sur le sujet afin de mieux comprendre la vie des gens pendant cette catastrophe. 


Deeper Learning through Community Service - How can I make a difference in our community?


Students in Grade 6 had opportunities to ignite positive change in our local community through hands-on experiences. Over a three month period, their task was to plan, organize and participate in three community service experiences with a focus not only on providing a service but also on learning. Before and after each experience, students created detailed Seesaw Blog posts to help support, encourage, and learn from one another. Each blog post described and answered questions about how the community service addressed specific needs, how those needs might be better addressed, what was the most challenging part of the volunteer experience, what was the most satisfying part, what was learned from the experience and what advice they would give to others who wanted to help.

Check out the Grade 6 Class Blog:

Deeper Learning - TOE2TOE 

In keeping with the Priory’s school-wide theme this year of making a difference in our community, the Grade 5 students, for their deeper learning project, “Amazing Race in Search of Amazing People”, met with Dr. Chris Costello, the founder of Toe2Toe. This organization is dedicated to collecting and distributing white socks to Montreal’s homeless population. During an interview with Dr. Costello, Priory students learned that without proper protection for our feet, cuts can easily lead to serious medical conditions. Moved by his story, three of our 5th graders, Callum, Avery and Kennedy, decided to organize a sock drive and collected new white tube socks to donate to Toe2Toe. Special thanks to our Grade 5 students for helping to make a difference in the lives of homeless people. Their thought-provoking questions inspired Dr. Costello to post frequently asked questions (FAQ) videos on the Toe2Toe website to help answer questions in regards to the health care issues facing the homeless population in Montreal.

Participerez-vous à créer un changement positif pour votre communauté? As a way of raising awareness for #toe2toe Grade 5 students travelked to Selwyn House School with Mme Martineau to present to a group of 7th and 8th graders in an effort to collect and distribute new socks to the homeless population of Montreal.

Deeper Learning - 60 Million Girls

60 million girls.jpg

For their “Amazing Race in Search of Amazing People” deeper learning project, 5th graders interviewed Wanda Bedard, founder of 60 million girls, a charity dedicated to empowering girls by funding educational programs in developing countries. Named after the number of girls worldwide who do not have access to education, the Montreal-based foundation has funded 21 education-related programs for girls in the most impoverished countries. Inspired by her story, Priory students created a mini-documentary about Wanda Bedard and how she created positive change in the world. The 5th grade students were invited to present their deeper learning project at the 12th annual 60 million girls Conference at the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec. For more information on 60 million girls visit


What's your passion? Learn, explore, and share your expertise


At the start of the new school year, Mrs. Rolnick’s Grade 6 students were given a choice as to what they wanted to learn and how they were going to learn it. Once they decided what was important to them and what they were passionate about, they carefully researched their topic and set out to learn more about it. This deep, personalized learning experience moved students’ learning forward in profound ways. Several students spent their weekends creating, exploring, building, and mastering their chosen topic. One student, passionate about coding, learned how to code in JavaScript, creating several video games he shared with his classmates. Another student researched flight, then designed and constructed model planes. Yet another student set out to develop the perfect brownie recipe. She baked and conducted taste tests using several different recipes, asking others to evaluate each one on several criteria such as texture and sweetness. She then graphed her data, identified the ingredients that contributed to each category, and combined elements from each of the highest scoring areas to produce the ultimate recipe. While carrying out these projects, all students practiced their skills in an authentic way, and presented their expertise to the rest of the class while communicating what matters most to them.

The Importance of Trees


Grade 1 Priory students went on an outing to NDG park for some deeper learning about the importance of trees. They experienced first-hand what happens when there are less trees in our environment by walking through the park and viewing the aftermath of the microburst during August's big storm. The Grade 1 students wrote letters to the city with ideas about what to do with all of the wood from fallen branches and cut down tree trunks. Students invited the mayor to visit the Grade 1 classroom to hear suggestions on which types of trees we would like to see planted, to answer questions and to help students research ideas on ways they can help with the reforestation of the park.

Deeper Learning - Igniting Positive Change


Kindergarten students participated in some exciting deeper learning activities with the Grade 5 students on their “Amazing Race in Search of Amazing People” event. Together, they supported a few different charities in and around the Montreal area. The Kindergarten class, while exploring different foods and their food groups, collected non-perishable food items for donation to the NDG Food Depot and new white tube socks for donation to Toe2Toe (an organization that supplies clean white socks to the homeless). A BIG thank you to our Kindergarten parents for their help in igniting positive change in the community!

Deeper Learning - Amazing Race in Search of Amazing People


Priory students had an amazing surprise on the morning of September 26th, when Adam and Andrea Cavaleri (Class of ‘01) of 'The Amazing Race Canada', visited during a school-wide assembly. The children were thrilled as many members of the school’s community are big fans of the reality television competition series that features teams in a challenging race across Canada and the world. Their message was clear and relevant: try something new, step out of your comfort zone and never forget to show empathy along the way!  Andrea proudly shared how many of the skills learned at The Priory, and throughout her life, allowed her and her brother to fully appreciate the adventure. As part of a deeper learning class project, Grade 5 students will participate in The Priory Amazing Race in Search of Amazing People! Before packing their backpacks and embarking on their adventure to explore the city in an exciting way, the 5th graders invited Andrea and Adam into their classroom and asked them for some tips and professional advice. The Grade 5 student teams set out on a three-day race in search for amazing people and The Amazing Race Priory Edition was born!