From a very early age, Priory students have many opportunities to perform in front of audiences, through class plays and musical and theatrical productions presented for the entire Priory community.

Spreading Some Hakuna Matata

The Priory School Drama Club spread some Hakuna Matata and thrilled audience members with their brilliant performance when they took to the stage on April 26th for perhaps the Priory’s most ambitious production to date. For months, twenty-seven cast members comprised of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students, and a dedicated crew of thirty-five set builders, stagehands, lighting, sound, and costume designers, have been preparing for The Priory’s theatrical rendition of The Lion King with elaborate stage sets, breath-taking costumes, masks and make-up that transformed students into hyenas, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions. The Priory School Choir also joined and added their beautiful voices to the musical numbers, “The Circle of Life”, and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Drama directors and fifth grade Priory teachers, Mrs. Sherriffs and Mme Martineau, with the help of the drama club members, have worked tirelessly since October creating props, set pieces and preparing costumes for the production. Their attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, even recruiting friends to help with choreography, music and masks for the production. A roaring thank you to Mrs. Sherriffs and Mme Martineau for their inspiration, and for giving students opportunities to embrace risks and tread outside their comfort zones, while instilling the love of the arts in our students! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for an outstanding performance!

Peter Pan Takes Flight at The Priory

After six months of rehearsals, under the direction of Priory teachers, Mrs. Caroline Bouchard, Mme Hélène Martineau and Mrs. Linden Parker, The Priory Drama Club’s cast of more than 40 students staged a truly magical experience for a packed audience, in the production of Peter Pan. The performance featured impressive costumes, superb sets, special effects (including flying scenes!), a dash of fairydust, and the very talented acting and singing of Priory students. This spectacular journey of wonder into the magical world of Neverland was a brilliant testament of what our children can achieve and accomplish. Congratulations to our wonderfully talented cast and crew for producing another Priory masterpiece! 



What an ideal way to begin our day, with joy and laughter! Parents, teachers and students alike attended a prize-winning performance of "The King Who Would Not Laugh", performed by the Grade 3 class in celebration of this year’s “I Love to Read Week” theme. For almost a decade, Mrs. Trionfo has inspired her young students to explore acting and performing with such confidence and pride.  The class entertained the audience with a comedic play about a sour king who, after many attempts from his royal subjects to laugh, was finally tricked into laughing and giving up his throne. The Grade 3 students were very enthusiastic and expressed how happy they were to hear the laughter coming from the audience. Thank you Grade 3 for truly making us “Laugh Out Loud - #LOL”.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dazzled the audience!

The Priory School Drama Club brought Roald Dahls’ delicious tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to life on Thursday, April 21st, with fantastical performances, stunning stagecraft and sweet visuals that dazzled the audience.  Under the ambitious direction of Mme Martineau, Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Sherriffs, twenty two cast members and six stagehands delivered theatrical goodies including Violet metamorphosing into a blueberry before our very eyes, Veruka encountering an army of digital squirrels and Mike shrinking and transporting into a television set. The production was engaging and highly entertaining with many comical moments featuring dance moves and songs adapted by Priory cast members, and who can forget the Oompa-Loompas synchronized chorus! A sincere thank you to the entire cast and crew, directors, administrators, faculty and everyone who in any way helped to make this production possible through countless hours of rehearsal, hard work and commitment. Big or Small, there was something for everyone, and this production was indeed a perfect family treat! 


After reading stories by Canada’s most beloved children’s author Robert Munsch, Mrs. Parker’s Grade 2 class performed, “A Bunch of Munsch” during assembly on Tuesday, February 16th,  to a very appreciative audience. Dressed up as the characters, the students performed two of their favourite classic stories, ‘’Mortimer” and “Pigs”, bringing Munsch’s charismatic characters to life. 


Peter Pan Dazzles the Audience

Our talented Grade 3 students performed for the entire student body and Priory parents during a special assembly in celebration of this year's "I Love to Read Week". Every student took part in the performance. Pirates, fairies, mermaids and the backstage crew joined Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Wendy, Michael and John in their world of adventure. It was certainly a proud morning in Neverland, full of drama and energy! Mrs. Trionfo's Grade 3 class performance was truly magical.


Celebrating I Love to Read Week

In celebration of this year's "I Love to Read Week", Geordie Productions was invited to perform "Sidewalk Chalk" for the entire school community. A perfect introduction to our theme for this year's "I Love to Read Week" – exploring the different worlds in a child's vivid imagination, the live performance was an entertaining lesson about friendship set in a fantastical chalk world created by best friends. The children thoroughly enjoyed the awe-inspiring digital backgrounds and were not short of questions for the actors and actresses. Our students left the performance eager to create their own chalk worlds and the Kindergarten class did just that!


Priory Students Shine during The Wizard of Oz

The Priory School Drama Club’s talented cast and crew presented their rendition of Frances Mapp’s “The Wizard of Oz” on April 30th, to over 200 enthusiastic ticket holders. The cast included twenty-seven 4th, 5th and 6th graders, who portrayed the roles of lead and support actors and much needed stagehands. The Drama Club prepared weekly for this exciting event as they rehearsed lines, songs and designed and built the stage panels and costumes. The students brought the World of Oz to life with elaborate costumes and detailed props and set designs. Under the inspiring and dedicated direction of three Priory faculty members, Mrs. Bouchard, Mrs. Parker and Ms. Sherriffs, the Drama Club performed two performances, one during the day for their fellow students and one in the evening for parents, grandparents and relatives. A special feature of the performance were the songs adapted by our very own students. When asked about their experience, all students in the Drama Club had positive things to say and were happy to have had this wonderful opportunity. Suffice to say that this was a brilliant production which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Many thanks to the actors, the volunteer parents and faculty and staff for bringing "The Wizard of Oz" to The Priory. 


Too Many Detectives!

After studying mystery books in class, the talented Grade 4 students performed a wonderful play, 'Too Many Detectives', by Amy Green, in front of their parents and peers. An unforgettable performance! No doubt, there are some promising actors among us!


Razzle Dazzle Fun!

It was with great pleasure that The Priory welcomed back internationally recognized performing arts educator and director Sarina Condello for a one-week dance workshop. Under Sarina's inspiring direction, Priory children had an opportunity to explore the beauty and energy of the performing arts. On Friday, June 1st, students amazed family and friends in this year's production of Razzle Dazzle, A Broadway Review. Children performed lively songs and dances from Broadway musicals such as "Cabaret", "Lullaby Of Broadway", "On Broadway", "Razzle Dazzle", "One", "Putting On The Ritz", and "Fame". Other highlights included a musical ensemble and dance number of "Ease On Down The Road" and an entertaining performance of "Do-Re-Mi" by our very own Priory teachers. For the final performance, the whole school joined together and sang a touching rendition of "Seasons of Love" from the Broadway musical Rent. A big thank you to Principal Deborah Heuff for bringing the performing arts to life at The Priory School! It has been a privilege and a joy working with Sarina for the past five years! 


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

On June 9th the Grade 4 class brought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to life. It was a wonderful and fun performance enjoyed by all! Thank you to Ms. Bouchard for her direction and inspiration. Thank you to the parents who helped with props, and to the children who put a lot of passion and effort into their performance!


A Taste of Shakespeare

Under the direction of Ms. Bouchard, the fourth grade class, performed Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream," for family and friends. The students performed with brilliance and confidence and every member of the audience was highly entertained. Their performance was nothing short of amazing! I think William Shakespeare himself would be touched as we were by this class's accomplishments.