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"And the Band Played On" Annual Campaign


Seven years ago, the Priory parent community decided to show their overwhelming support for a new initiative that would dramatically change the music experience at The Priory School. We as fellow Priory parents and grandparents invite you to join us to renew and strengthen that pledge of music to our children with us. Back in 2012, the creation of a Priory Band Program meant that Grade 5 and 6 students would no longer only learn the recorder, instead, they would have the opportunity to pursue a band instrument of their choice. Fast-forward to today: The Priory School’s Band has been a resounding success! By playing in a multi-instrument ensemble our children have grown exponentially and have taken their performance skills to a new level. The original band campaign was set up to cover costs of the program for 6 years and it is now time to recommit. The benefits of practicing a musical instrument are well documented, and we hope that you agree this valuable feature of The Priory School must continue for years to come. Please join us and support the latest in a string of successful Annual Campaigns that have given so much back to our students. The Priory School Foundation is hoping to raise $50K this year to continue and develop this proven program for another six years. Please keep in mind that what's most important is not how much you give, but that you give!

How to Give:

By cheque: Gifts to this year's Annual Campaign should be made payable to "The Priory School Foundation"

Online: Visit The Foundation's page at CanadaHelps (can you please make "CanadaHelps" a hyperlink leading to the CanadaHelps site?

Credit Card: Please contact Davey Lahteenmaa, Development and Alumni Relations Officer, at 514-692-4808 ext. 227 to pay over the phone or set up an appointment.

Thank you!



On a beautifully mild Friday November evening, Priory parents, teachers and friends gathered together lolling in the warmth of each other’s company for the 2018 Fall Mixer “Dove & Dog” Edition at The Atwater Club. It was a memorable evening for all in attendance. There were too many special moments for all to be listed, but a delicious dinner, hugely successful silent and live auctions, gorgeous space, and even a trivia game, were just some of them. The band, Funktion, led by the charismatic Jeff Starzenski, lifted guests to their feet with an impeccable set-list, heart and musicianship. Thanks go out to the entire organizing committee for giving time, effort and skill so that everyone could have a wonderful time. Most of all, thank you to everyone who supported the event by purchasing raffle tickets, making a donation, participating in the auctions and for being there to share in this wonderful event.

Congratulations - We've Closed the Gate!


Congratulations - We've Closed the Gate! This year's Annual Campaign project started with a dream—a vision rendered in watercolour to fuel conversation and imagination. With a healthy dose of courage, a historic fundraising goal of $100,000 was set, and the hard work that always follows a good dream began. The Priory School Foundation and The Priory School have good news to share. As of last Friday, we have now succeeded in meeting our $100,000 fundraising goal. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the whole Priory community. An enormous thank you goes out to all the Priory families who either gave to this campaign directly or supported in some way through the Fall Mixer or Golf Tournament, as a portion of the net proceeds of these events went towards the campaign fundraising goal. Secondly, the contract has been signed for the project work, and the first day of construction was on Tuesday, June 26th. It will be a busy summer at The Priory School! Contact Davey Lahteenmaa at for questions or information on how to support "Welcome to the North Yard".  


Welcome to the North Yard. Welcome to The Priory.

This year, The Priory School Community has an opportunity to contribute something of lasting value to ours and future generations of Priory students. The 2017-2018 Annual Campaign to raise funds for the development of the North Yard is an ambitious project worthy of our 70th Anniversary. The project will consist of rebuilding the stone foundation at the edge of the sidewalk and taking this stonework to the “next level”, raising the partition between city and school to provide a safe and secure environment for our children. A beautiful, welcoming gate, complete with security and entry system, will provide an ideal level of safeguard for our students. Finally, the North Yard itself will get a much-needed makeover with a comfortable seating area for parents to rest and share the news of the day. Today we are lucky beneficiaries of the investments made by an earlier generation of Priory family members. Let us celebrate 70 years by building upon a strong foundation and opening the Priory gateway to the next generation of Priory students.



Students at The Priory got a real-life lesson in renewable energy

A lucky bird flying over The Priory School might notice a wonderful addition to the gymnasium roof. Last week our very own solar panels were installed by Québec Solar, just in time for the summer sun! This installation marks the culmination of our "Here Comes the Sun" Annual Campaign, but also the beginning of a new mode of observation and learning for our students. The solar panels come with a system which tracks the amount of power generated and translates this data into tangible information for our students, showing the amount CO2 emissions avoided and the number of trees saved. Thank you to everyone who gave generously and supported the 2016-2017 Annual Campaign, which sees our students dreams and hard work become a brighter reality.


Here Comes The Sun: Annual Campaign

The Priory School Foundation is thrilled to announce that this year’s Annual Campaign to install solar panels at The Priory School, “Here Comes the Sun”, has reached its $40,000 goal! Thank you to all the Priory Families who supported the campaign and a “brighter” future at The Priory. The next step, of course, is the installation of the solar panels. The Priory is proud to announce that Québec Solar will be installing the solar panels and that the project time frame is set for the month of May, bringing to fruition a dream begun with our senior students during the last school year. The immediate completion of this project highlights a unique feature of this campaign. Students, parents and teachers will see the positive results of their generosity, support and effort in the same school year that the funds were raised. This expedited process was designed so that our graduating class could witness the unveiling of the solar panels before heading off to summer and then high school. To learn more about the campaign or the solar panel installation, please contact Davey Lahteenmaa at


Noteworthy Notebooks


Thanks to the generosity of our new parents who gave to the New Beginnings Campaign, this January the school purchased 12 new HP Elitebook tablet notebook computers for student use. With the added variety of technology tools that are used at The Priory (i.e. Macs, iPads, Computers, Smartboards, Epson Brightlink Projectors), students will be better equipped to shine in their own areas of expertise. From creating digital presentations to producing videos, practicing Math concepts and writing in class blogs, our Priory students are able to expand their daily investigation of the world around them. For more information about the New Beginnings Campaign, please contact Davey Lahteenmaa at  

Enrichin’ the Kitchen! 

“What’s for lunch?” is one of the most common phrases heard at The Priory School. Food is certainly a passion for our students, and well it should be. Our Priory lunches not only physically sustain our children throughout the day, but the meals themselves, which are enjoyed as a family, bring the students together and increase the overall quality of the student experience.

For decades, The Priory School has prided itself on our healthy, home-cooked meals prepared lovingly by our dedicated kitchen staff. These very special members of The Priory Community have given so much over the years to countless students. It’s time to give something back! Please read through the brochure and make the decision to nourish the minds of tomorrow! 



"I Am A Scientist!" Annual Campaign


Over the past two years, parents, teachers and friends have come together in amazing ways to add to the experience of our children at The Priory School through the Annual Campaigns. We now have the opportunity to create a brand new home for Science, a subject that bursts to life when students and teachers have the proper space and materials to conduct experiments firsthand. Before the Christmas Holidays we officially launched this year's Annual Campaign, "I Am a Scientist!" Already, many families have shown their support. Please help us close this campaign with your "tax-deductible" donation so that we may give our students a new Science Lab without raising tuition fees. A huge thank you goes out to the parents who have generously given already. For more information on how you can contribute to this exciting campaign, please contact Tim Peters, Principal, at or Davey Lahteenmaa, Development and Alumni Relations Officer, at For additional information, also see the I Am A Scientist brochure. 

The Priory is "Dig In" the Student Garden!

The first 'dig' in our Student Garden located in the Outdoor Classroom took place on Friday, September 19th. Fifth and sixth graders eagerly joined Principal Tim Peters to experience first-hand the joys of communing with nature. With shovels in hand, and gloves protecting delicate fingers, student volunteers weeded and turned the soil all the while learning valuable gardening skills. After filling up three over-sized bags of weeds and shrubs, the students felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. Our Junior Gardening Club will also participate by planting colourful perennials and tending to the garden in the following weeks. Thanks to the support and generosity of countless parents and friends of The Priory during last year's Annual Campaign to "Restore the Outdoors", children are provided with a dynamic space to discover, nurture and learn.


Terrific Turf!

When the children entered the gates of their 'home away from home', The Priory, they could not help but notice the terrific green turf that was installed over the summer. This is just one of many ongoing projects that were part of successful Playground Enhancements campaign from the last school year. This week, students were already making use of new tables that were placed in the student outdoor classroom. This fall, a new gardening club will start work on digging up the earth and planting the first greenery. It will be exciting to watch the changes happening! A big thank you goes out to everyone who gave generously to the Annual Campaign as well as those who attended the Fall Mixer. Your gift is one that keeps growing!


A Victory for the Outdoors!

Congratulations, Priory Family! Through your overwhelming generosity and support, we can all look forward to an Enhanced Playground when the students return back to school in September. The Annual Campaign to raise funds to "Restore the Outdoors" set a goal of $30,000, and this target has been met with $31,920 being raised. This amount will be added to the $20,000 already raised by the PPA during the Fall Mixer in order to add soft, green artificial turf to the East and West Yards, providing the children with an Outdoor Classroom, Student Garden and more! Already, teachers have been discussing these projects with their excited students. Two separate teacher committees have been formed to help plan the Outdoor Classroom and Student Garden in such a way as to best meet the needs of their students and enhance the curriculum. A big thank you goes out to the Annual Campain Team for helping to generate the enthusiasm warranted for such a thrilling project. 

Most of all, thank you to you, the parents, who made it possible. 


The Priory School Band Program

At The Priory, our Vision is to ensure that "children should be allowed to be children: to play, sing, perform, discover and explore." Placing an instrument in a child's hand will enhance our vision while fuelling the inherent creativity of children. The Priory School Foundation is hosting an annual campaign to raise funds to subsidize the first ever Priory School Band. We're elated to announce that since the inception of the Priory band campaign in mid-December, we have surpassed our goal! A great big thank you to all our Priory parents for their generosity and support for making our Annual Campaign the most successful in the school's history. Davey Lahteenmaa is excited to announce that the total to date is at $47,645. We would like to thank Courtenay Price-Gallagher and Suzanne Csik for their efforts in co-chairing this successful campaign. For more information about The Priory School Band Program, please contact Davey Lähteenmaa, Development and Alumni Relations Officer, at or 514.935.5966 ext. 227. Read More: The Priory School Band Program



Donor Recognition Wall 


With over 2 million raised for the Spreading Our Wings Campaign, The Priory School faced a heartfelt question: How can we ever give enough thanks to our generous donors? Out of appreciation for all that our donors have given us, we invited them to the unveiling of the new donor recognition wall.

The donor recognition wall was erected and displayed along the corridor wall next to the new art room. It is made up of three window panels. These windows were formerly in the original Priory schoolhouse (The Lindsey House, named after its first inhabitant, Sir Charles W. Lindsay). Inscribed on each of the windows are the names of our donors. One window is designated to the 1997-98 Touch Tomorrow Campaign, headed by principal John Marinelli, one window is designated to the Spreading Our Wings Campaign, headed by Principal Deborah Heuff, and one window carries the names of all donors who have given over $10,000 cumulatively to the school. 

With the original window panels in the new building, a beautiful realization was made: it is from the past that the present is built. Likewise, the generosity of today’s donors has helped secure the future of The Priory School. To all our donors, thank you for your dedication, generosity, and for helping the school enrich the experience of all its students, current and future.