Off-Campus Learning

At The Priory, field trips are an integral part of the learning experience. Field trips expand children's learning through hands-on experiences and add realism to the topic being studied. Read about all the wonderful field trips our students have participated in this year.


Butterflies Go Free

butterflies (2).jpeg

The magnificent illustrations in Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” were not enough to prepare the Priory Kindergarteners for the spectacular “Butterflies go Free” exhibit that awaited them at the Botanical Gardens. With notebooks and pencils in hand, the budding scientists explored the lush, natural setting of the butterfly conservatory. The students had the opportunity to appreciate these delicate creatures as they fluttered around, hoping for the chance that one would land on them. A big thank you to our parent volunteers who joined us on our trip - what a beautiful way to celebrate the onset of Spring!

During the final lunch of the recent Grade 5 and 6 overnight ski trip to Mont Blanc, the supervising staff were recapping the success stories of the past two days. More than anything, Mme Martineau, Mr. Feith, Mr. Mercury, Mrs. Miner and Mr. Lahteenmaa were grateful to have seen the traditional Priory life lessons in action.

The Priory Spirit shone through in the encouragement and support that more-experienced skiers gave to their peers who were new to the slopes. It was there when students stopped to pick up dropped poles or skis for their friends who may have lost them. It was in the cafeteria, pool, playroom and reception area with many "pleases" and "thank yous" to the Mont Blanc staff members. And it was in the caring students, who did their best to help their friends sleep through the night, if they were missing home.

It is no exaggeration that every adult who encountered our students were gushing with praise, from the management, lift attendants, other skiers, cafeteria staff, reception and even the bus driver. It filled the teachers with pride and it was a cherished experience that students and teachers will always remember. Thank you, Priory Students.

the spirit of giving


This holiday season has once again ignited the spirit of giving in the Kindergarten classroom. This week the Kindergarten students traveled to Vista Seniors’ Residence, home to former Priory School Principal Ms. McConnon. Accompanied by Mr. Lahteenmaa on the piano, the students performed holiday songs and lead the residents in a sing-a-long of old favourites such as Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Along with holiday cheer and the joy of music, the students also brought each resident a teddy bear that they had made at a Make-a-Bear workshop during November’s “Bear Month”. While it was hard to say goodbye to their cuddly creations, the children were proud to have brought smiles to the seniors’ faces as they could each be seen hugging and cuddling the teddies the children had made for them with their own hands. A true demonstration of Christmas giving - The Priory Way!



Mardi 27 novembre, les 3es années sont allés à Pointe-à-Callière dans le Vieux-Port où ils ont eu beaucoup de plaisir à étudier les Iroquoiens du Saint-Laurent. Les élèves ont pu solidifier et renforcer leurs connaissances déjà acquises en Univers social en participant à des ateliers sur leurs activités quotidiennes. De plus, les élèves ont regardé un film captivant concernant l'histoire de la ville de Montréal. C'était sans aucun doute un voyage très agréable et informatif pour tous les participants.

“Trees Up Close”


The Priory’s Grade 1 students enjoyed their first field trip of the year last Thursday when they traveled to the beautiful Botanical Gardens. As an extension to their on-going study of the trees found in their neighbourhood, the class participated in an informative and hands-on workshop at the Tree Pavilion entitled “Trees Up Close”. The goal of the Frederic Back Tree Pavilion is to highlight the importance of trees and forests in our lives. The students learned all about trees, their needs and the important role they play for animals and humans alike. Magnifying glasses in hand, the budding naturalists identified, observed and discovered different structures of deciduous and coniferous trees. A great way to make learning fun! They also discovered three facts which prove that trees are alive. One of their classmates was even transformed into a tree right in front of their eyes! Everyone left the tree house with tons of knowledge and admiration for these amazing living things called trees. The trip continued with a picnic lunch and a walk through the greenhouses. They viewed trees from all over the world and enjoyed a visit to the pumpkin display where hundreds of decorated pumpkins delighted and inspired our Priory children. They also met a witch who taught them a fun Halloween song in French and invited them to help recite a magical incantation. They finished off the excursion with exercise and exploration of the “Little Monsters Courtyard” outdoor park filled with games, races, mazes and more. Fun was had by all!

Une Visite à L'Écomusée

Le 11 octobre dernier, les élèves de la 2e année ont eu la chance de visiter L'Écomusée de Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Une visite guidée leur a permis d'observer d'impressionnantes espèces d’animaux du Québec dans un cadre chaleureux et naturel. Les élèves ont bien sûr été amenés à établir des liens avec les notions et concepts travaillés en classe. Une belle journée remplie de découvertes!

Kindergarten Visits the Ecomuseum


Did you know that a porcupine has thousands of quills on its body, and that they are hollow like a straw; that black bears are not always black; that caribou are the only members of the deer family where both males and females have antlers; that otters have a transparent eye lid they use when swimming under water? The Priory Kindergarten class does! The enthusiasm was as tangible as the wind and rain on the morning the Kindergarten class, teachers, and loving parent volunteers ventured to the Ecomuseum grounds in Ste-Anne-de- Bellevue. The students saw foxes, bears, caribou, lynx, wolves, raccoons, fishers, porcupines and snowy owls. Thanks to the expertise of enthusiastic guides the children learned all about the animals that share Quebec as their home, how they prepare for winter in their habitats, and how important animal and environmental conservation is. One of the highlights was an “up close and personal” encounter with a painted turtle and a snake! A special thank you to our fabulous parent volunteers who joined us on our first outing, helping to make it a family affair.

Grade 3 Discovers ‘The World of Bees’ at Intermiel


Through deeper learning opportunities, our Priory students realize quickly that working with experts allows for more in-depth learning and appreciation. As an extension to Grade 3’s investigation of ‘the world of bees’ and the role they play in providing the world with flowers, fruits, vegetables and honey, Grade 3 visited Intermiel where they were met with qualified and dynamic guides eager to share their passion of bees. The visit involved a combination of observation, manipulation and play activities. The students learned about bee society, the complex life of a beehive, the importance of pollination, the role and work of the beekeeper, and the extraction of honey. A puppet theatre put the bees on stage. In the discovery room, a wall of bees created from six distinct beehives allowed the children to observe the dance of the bees and the toiling of the housekeepers. As an added treat, the children were able to admire the animals at the mini-farm, and to feed, pet and take care of the young rabbits and goats, as well as a miniature horse and llama. Grade 3 learned to BEE KIND to the bees. They are our busy friends.

A Visit to Canada’s CAPITAL


On Friday, September 7th, grades 5 and 6 students enjoyed a sunny day in Ottawa. The morning started out with a visit to the National Gallery, where Grade 5 explored European and contemporary art, and Grade 6 appreciated Canadian Indigenous pieces. Then it was off to Parliament Hill for a picnic lunch on our country's front lawn. In the afternoon, students got to explore the Parliament buildings while learning about how an idea grows into a bill and then gets passed into a law. Some highlights included seeing the House of Commons, the Library of Parliament, and the Senate.