Athletics : Go, Panthers Go!

Panthers Crowned Silver Division Consolation Champs


Upper Canada College Boys’ Basketball Tournament: The Priory Panthers boys’ basketball team was in Toronto recently for the UCC Basketball Tournament. The weekend culminated in a Silver Division Consolation Championship win. Congratulations to our boys! A special shout out to our coaches, Mr. Gentile and Mr. Mikey (Gutfeld), and to our enthusiastic Priory parents who cheered on our boys throughout the tournament. While The Priory was by far the smallest school at the tournament, we definitely showed the biggest heart. Go Panthers, Go!

Tournament Team Champions!


During this year’s Kuper Academy Basketball Tournament, on November 23rd, the Priory Panther Tournament Teams put on a clinic on how to play as a TEAM. For many of the players it was their first taste of real competitive basketball and they rose to the occasion. Since both Tournament teams were undefeated in round robin play, it was Priory vs Priory in the final Championship game. Seeing as we are one big team that practices and prepares together, it simply meant that The Priory School brought home the championship title. Thank you to our Phys. Ed. Teacher and Coach, Mr. Gentile, for instilling teamwork skills in our students: play hard, do your best, be respectful and have fun! Congrats Panthers, we are proud of you!


The Priory Panthers Boys', Girls' and Tournament Soccer Teams competed with great energy and enthusiasm. Through hard work, determination, skill and sportsmanship, the teams managed to grow both as a team, and as teammates. With each game, they improved and in the end, the wins, losses and ties meant very little, compared to the uplifting memories that will last a lifetime. Way to go Panthers! A special thank you to our coaches, Mr. Gentile, Mrs. MacKinnon and Mrs. Sherriffs for their support and for always encouraging the team to do their best and have FUN. A season well played!

Tournament Champions!


This year provided the largest group yet of basketball players eager to join the program from Grades 4, 5 and 6. With 43 children from those grades eager to practice, play, and learn, it was necessary to create a Tournament Team from the 28 students in Grades 5 and 6, and a Grade 4 Team from the 15 Grade 4 students. Grade 4 was able to practice with their older counterparts as well as on their own, and played in two exhibition games as well as the LCC Tournament. They gained valuable game play experience for the coming years as the future of the Priory basketball program. The Tournament Team was a group of experienced veterans as well as energetic newcomers. While the Tournament Team sometimes had to be divided into two teams, the players all understood that we were one big team that practiced and worked to improve together week in and week out. In Tournament Team play, the other schools didn’t know what hit them! Invited to three tournaments this year, the various combinations of teams went undefeated in every single game played against other schools across all three of those tournaments. The Tournament Team finished the year as the NDS Tournament Champions (two teams invited, played against each other in the championship game), the Selwyn House Tournament Champions (one team invited), and the LCC Tournament Champions (two teams invited, played against each other in the championship game). The results speak for themselves and it would be impossible to ask for more! Thanks to their amazing coaches, Mr. Peters, Mr. Gentile and Mr. Mikey for taking the time to support and encourage our student athletes. We are proud of you Panthers! 

Silver Division Championship winners!


The Priory Panther Boys’ Basketball Team was a group of boys determined to improve with every game. Finishing third in a nine team league demonstrated just how dominant they could be. The team also took home some championships, earning the Silver Cup Championship at the 16 team UCC Tournament in Toronto and earning a Consolation Championship at the 12 team LCC Tournament. However, more important than the wins and championships was how the team carried themselves on and off the court. This year’s boys’ team was one of the most cohesive and unified groups we’ve ever had at The Priory. Parents and coaches alike from other teams would repeatedly share with Coach Gentile how amazing it was to watch their team dynamic. This was not a team with just one or two superstars, this was a group of super kids, who cared for each other, learned from each other, and came out winners in all aspects of the game (and the real world as well!). Way to go Panthers!


Priory Panther’s Girls Season

At The Priory, every student who wants to play on a team…. gets to play on a team. While such an inclusive approach can sometimes lead to very competitive teams after a few years of development, it can also lead to some early season challenges as students learn to be competitive.

Such was the case with the girls basketball team this year. While during the early season games victory was out of reach, as the year progressed, the girls grew to be competitive in every game. While the competitiveness changed throughout the year, one thing that was constant was the supportive teamwork and big smiles the girls had on every shift. Congratulations girls, with every game you improved and that is the true essence of sports!

The Priory Panthers Soccer Season

Tournament Team (32).JPG

The Priory Panthers Soccer Teams enjoyed a memorable and fun-filled season which culminated with a silver medal win for the Tournament Team at this year’s LCC Tournament. Congratulations on a season well played! A well-deserved thank you goes out to our enthusiastic soccer players, dedicated coaches (Mr. Feith, Mr. Gentile, Mrs. MacKinnon, Mme Martineau, Mrs. Sherriffs), supportive parents and to our lively mascot, Panther. Your time and devotion to the team was appreciated tremendously. Go, Panthers Go!


The Priory Tournament Team crowned Champions!

On Monday, December 19, The Priory Panthers Tournament Basketball Teams participated in the Lower Canada College Tournament. Boys and Girls from Grades 4, 5 ,6 competed in a friendly tournament with schools from around the island of Montreal. Although Priory students regularly participate in the intramural league, for many students on the Tournament teams, this was their first experience playing basketball in a competitive setting against other schools. That being said, our athletes showed great determination and initiative throughout all of their games and was crowned Champions at this year’s LCC Basketball Tournamen (Silver Division Champions 2016). Congratulations Panthers, we are proud of you! A special thank you to coaches Mark Gentile and Tim Peters. Way to go Panthers!


A Silver Medal for the Priory Panthers Boys' Team

Congratulations to the Priory Panthers Boys' who had a remarkable undefeated and historic season only to lose in the Championship Game against Sainte-Anne. The Boys brought home the silver medal  with a second place finish. Congratulations Boys, we are proud of you! 

The Panthers compete in the Lcc Tournament

At the LCC Tournament, the Priory Panther Girls showed what teamwork and passion for basketball was all about. The Panthers won 4 consecutive games against Ste Anne, Notre Dame de Sion, ECS and LCC and made it all the way to the Championship Finals against Kuper, walking away with a smile and a silver medal. Congratulations Girls and Coach Tim Peters, we are proud of you!


With hard work, focus and cooperation, the boys have became one of the dominant teams in the league. Though they did not win the championship title in the LCC Tournament, they can hold their heads high knowing that they won 3 consecutive games against Crestwood, Kuper and Ste Anne, losing in the gold semi finals to Crescent School.  The weekend was an excellent display of sportsmanship and athleticism. Congratulation Panthers and a special thank you to our coaches, Mark Gentile and Mike Gutfeld! 


Priory Girls’ Basketball Dominant Once Again

The 2015 Priory Panthers, defending Montreal City Champions, had a fantastic showing at their first-ever Ottawa tournament last week. The girls defeated the much bigger schools of Ashbury, Turnbull and LCC on their way to the finals. In the championship game, the girls came from behind to beat LCC and take home yet another championship. Congratulation to all the girls for another incredible performance!


Priory Panthers Undefeated Basketball Champions

The Priory Panthers Girls' Basketball Team made Priory history as they will always be remembered as the 'undefeated champions with a perfect record'. The Panthers remained undefeated during the LCC Tournament and undefeated during the regular basketball season winning the finals at the Championship game on Wednesday, March 25, bringing home two gold medals this season. What a remarkable display of team effort and leadership! A special thank you to coach and Principal, Tim Peters, for always encouraging the team to do their best and play to their strengths. Way to go Panthers!

The Priory Panthers Girls' Bring Home the Gold from the LCC Tournament

Under the direction of Principal and Coach, Tim Peters, the Priory Panthers Girls' Basketball Team displayed true Priory spirit and team harmony this year going into the annual LCC Tournament undefeated. During the LCC Tournament, the main goal was to play hard and give it everything they had. These girls did far more than that. They won game after game, placing first in their division with an undefeated title and made Priory history by bringing home the gold medal! What surmountable team effort, sportsmanship and leadership! Way to go Panthers! 

Results from the LCC Tournament:

Friday, January 23, 2015:
9:00-10:00 AM Priory 30 - LCC 19
1:00-2:00 PM: Priory 30 - Turnbull 4
4:00-5:00 PM: Priory 22 - Kuper 13

Saturday, January 24, 2015
Priory 26 - St. Monica 6
1:30-2:30 PM Priory 24 - NDS 12 (Championship Game) 

Priory Panthers Boys' Place 3rd at the LCC Tournament

The Priory Panthers Boys’ Basketball Team had fans chanting “P-R-I-O-R-Y” at this year’s LCC Tournament. With passion and desire to put everything out there, the Boys’ Team demonstrated their true mettle with some rousing displays. Struggling with a couple of injuries on Saturday, the Boys’ won against rivals Crescent (29-27) and enjoyed a third place finish bringing home the bronze medal!  Congratulation Panthers and a special thank you to our coaches, Mark Gentile and Mike Gutfeld!

Results from the LCC Tournament:

Friday, January 23, 2015:
Priory 39 - Crestwood 19
Priory 6 - Crescent 19
Priory 44 - Sterling Hall 14

Saturday, January 24, 2015
11:30-12:30 PM Priory 23 - UCC 27
Priory 29 - Crescent 27 (3rd Place Game) 

Upper Canada College (Toronto) Boys' Basketball Tournament

The Priory Panthers Boys' Basketball Team was in Toronto on Friday and Saturday, January 9th and 10th, for the UCC Basketball Tournament. The boys played exceptionally well, winning four out of six games. Our boys finished in 5th place out of sixteen teams and should be very proud of their accomplishment. While The Priory was by far the smallest school at the tournament, we definitely showed the biggest heart. 


A Gold Medal for the Priory Panthers Tournament Team

The Tournament Team program's 'raison d'etre' is to instill the love of the game to as many interested students as possible, to teach skills and demonstrate the importance of team spirit and cooperation. Under coach Mark Gentile's leadership, this year's Tournament Team did just that. The Panthers Tournament team participated in the St George's Tournament on Thursday, January 15th and represented The Priory well while learning that "focus and purpose creates success both on and off the court". On Thursday, January 22, the Tournament Team participated at the LCC Basketball Tournament and not only stepped up their game but ended up making it all the way to the finals, bringing home the gold medal! Well done Panthers! We are so proud of you!

Priory Panthers Boys' Basketball Team Wins Championship!

On Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22, the Priory Boys' Panthers Basketball Team competed in the annual Selwyn House Tournament. Their dedication to the sport as well as the great teamwork they displayed, served them well as they remained undefeated throughout the Tournament and won the Championship! 

Results from the Tournament:

Priory 52 - Kuper Academy 14
Priory 37 - Royal St-Georges Coll 15
Priory 57 - Selwyn House 35
Priory 33 - LCC 7

A special thank you to our coaches, Mark Gentile and Mike Gutfeld, for their support and guidance in helping the team reach their goals. Congratulations Panthers!

Soccer: Go Panthers Go!

Two great soccer teams that value team work, sportsmanship and perseverance! The Priory Panthers played with incredible tenacity throughout the entire soccer season and during the annual LCC Tournament held from October 16th to October 18th. On the wet and crisp two days of round-robin play, the boys and girls went up against strong contenders (LCC, The Study, Selwyn, Kuper, ECS, Royal Vale, Turnbull, NDS) in their divisions. The boys ended up with two ties, while the girls ended up with two wins and two losses. This placed both the boys and girls in 2nd place allowing the Priory Panthers to advance to the playoff rounds on Saturday. 

Saturday brought drama and excitement as both the boys' and girls' Panthers played with heart and courage and gave their fans a roller-coaster ride that they will not forget. Through true Priory spirit, determination and sportsmanship, both the boys and girls experienced the joy and benefits of working as a team. They rallied to prove that these values are what make a winning team, placing them second in the annual LCC Tournament winning two Silver medals! A wonderful end to a great season for both the boys and girls! 

Congratulations Panthers on a super soccer season and special thanks to our supportive Priory parents and to our coaches, Mr. Gentile, Mrs. Sherriffs and Mrs. MacKinnon, for instilling in our children, confidence, respect and love of the game. 

Athletics are an important part of student life at The Priory and all students are encouraged to participate. The Priory takes great pride in its two interscholastic soccer teams and basketball teams. Participation whether interscholastic or intramural, as supporters or players, develops a strong sense of teamwork and respect for healthy competition.

For information about The Priory's Physical Education Program see Éducation Physique et à la Santé.


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