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8k in toonies raised for hospital. (Published April 7, 2015) READ MORE


Priory students present history projects at annual Heritage Fair. (Published March 10, 2015) READ MORE


MUHC unveils new research institute. (Published February 2, 2015) READ MORE


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She took education into her own hands. (Published October 20, 2014) READ MORE


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Priory donates used toys.(Published December 1, 2012) READ MORE


Priory Conducts Remembrance Day Ceremony. (Pub. November 13, '12) READ MORE


Dreams Really Do Come True - The Priory Celebrates 65 Years of Academic Excellence and Service to the Community. (Published October 17, 2012) READ MORE


Priory helps Zambian orphans Published October 2, 2012) READ MORE


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The Torch Continues To Burn Brightly at The Priory (Summer 2012) READ MORE


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Dr. Joe Schwarcz combines chemistry with magic (Pub. May 3, 2012) READ MORE


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