The Priory Parents' Association (PPA)

The PPA Co-Chairs: Emily Ritchie and Andrea Krieble
PPA Treasurer: Sara Moreno
Secretary: Nathalie Cecere
Potter Boutique Manager: Andrea Krieble

Mission Statement

The Priory School Parents' Association (PPA) works together with the Principal, the Teachers and the Board of Directors to enhance the quality of life for the school community in keeping with the mission of the school.

This work is accomplished by assisting in the planning and organization of activities within the school, supplementing needs of the school that may fall outside budget, and acting in an advisory role on issues upon request by the administration.


All parents of students at The Priory are members. Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and to get involved as class parents or to volunteer on an ad-hoc basis for various events throughout the year.

Class Parents

Class parents represent the parents of students in a class and provide a line of communication between those parents, the class teachers and the PPA. Each class should have 2 class parents.

Class Parent duties include the following:

  • Provide a line of communication with the teachers in the class represented

  • Attend monthly PPA meetings

  • Initiate a telephone chain within the class to relay information when necessary

  • Work with other committees on special events

The time commitment will vary depending on the class represented and the activities planned for the year.


The PPA has a Steering Committee consisting of two Co-Chairs, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Potter Boutique coordinator. The officers are elected in the early spring for the following academic year. The officers are elected for a two-year term, with a maximum of two terms. It is preferable that new officers have accumulated one year of experience with the PPA before taking an elected position.

The PPA and the Board of Directors


The PPA is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors of The Priory School through its designated representative. The PPA designated representative attends Board meetings and is responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors on PPA activities.


At the beginning of each school year, the PPA Meeting schedule is established. This year, the meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month, at 8:30 a.m.

PPA meetings are marked in the school calendar and a notice is posted on the Parent Bulletin Board the week before to remind parents. One of the Co-Chairs runs the meeting. Minutes of the meetings are taken by the Secretary and sent out by e-mail to the all parents who have indicated an interest in being on the mailing list within two weeks. Minutes from the previous meeting and an agenda are always available the day of the meeting.

Records from the meetings are kept in the PPA office.

Financial Statements

The Treasurer provides a report on the financial status of the PPA at each meeting. The Treasurer also provides an annual financial report that is included in the Annual Report.

Annual Report

The Co-Chairs prepare an annual report listing the events and activities undertaken by the PPA in the preceding year. This includes a list of all activities (including PPA meetings) with dates, approximate number of participants, costs and income (if any) and a brief description of the event/activity.


The type of activities that the PPA is involved with has evolved over time. They can be classified in two major categories: specific annual PPA events and PPA-assisted activities. The following list reflects activities undertaken in the past but should in no way be seen to limit any additions, replacements and/or exclusions in the future. It is up to the Steering Committee and the PPA membership, in coordination with the Principal, to determine the activity level of each year, being mindful of respecting School traditions.

Specific Annual PPA Events - These events are organized and financed by the PPA. Some of the events also function as fund-raisers.

Fall Mixer
Children's Halloween Party
The Christmas Bake Sale (December): held in conjunction with the Christmas Concert
Teacher Appreciation Week (February)
Craft Fair (February)
Spring Fair (June): an afternoon of fun and games with BBQ food for all!
Potter Boutique uniform sales (all year)

PPA Assisted School Activities (Periodic Activities) – These are activities and events that are organized by the school administration where PPA volunteers play an important role.

Vaccination campaigns (Fall)
School pictures (Fall)
Open Houses (October and January)
Book Fairs (English & French)
New Parents' Breakfast Meeting (May)
The Annual Golf Tournament (May)

PPA Funding

The PPA and its activities are partially funded through a specific fee levied on the individual student's school fees account. The rest is provided through fund-raising events. All funds raised by the PPA belong to the school.

Using these funds, the PPA traditionally funds a number of events on an annual basis. These include:

Christmas gift for the parents made by their child/children
Teacher's Appreciation Week: events and gifts for the teachers throughout the week
Spring Fair: the whole Priory Family is invited for a BBQ and fun and games at the end of the school year

The PPA also funds specific projects that we feel can particularly benefit all of the students. Purchases in the past have included the artificial turf for the soccer field, the playground equipment, computers, gym mats, audio-visual equipment, Smart Boards, Robotic kits, musical instruments and contribution to the dance and movement week in May. These purchases are agreed upon by members at a regular monthly PPA meeting and by the Principal.

Furthermore, the PPA also provides the teachers with a small allowance at the beginning of the school year to use on classroom incidentals and provides a small gift for all the support staff that assist us all throughout the year.

Procedure for Amendments

When deemed necessary, amendments to these guidelines may be made using the following procedure:

Proposed changes are to be developed by the PPA in conjunction with the school Principal
Changes once drafted and reviewed by the above would be voted upon by the PPA and require a majority vote
The revised guidelines would then, in turn, be proposed and voted upon by the Board of Directors and require a majority vote for the amendments to come into effect

For further information, please contact the PPA: