Priory School Traditions

Priory students takes great pride in our Priory School traditions and special annual events.



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With the help of parents and teachers, Priory students laced up for the first time last week and enjoyed a favourite winter pastime with their classmates. This long-standing and beloved tradition of ice skating at The Priory started decades ago in 1954, and is a highly anticipated and cherished annual winter recess activity. One couldn't help but notice the smiles on the children's, parents' and teachers' faces, as both junior and senior students made their way on the ice on a bright and sunny winter day.

An Exceptionally Magical Week


This year’s I Love to Read/J’aime Lire week may have come to an end but it is certainly not forgotten. It was truly a magical week of reading, storytelling, story writing, magic tricks, potions and make-believe. The week began with a visit from our own Priory wizard who read an enchanting story about unicorn adventures and fair maidens. Grades 4,5,6 and teachers were invited to play a friendly game of Quidditch with the McGill Quidditch team. The younger students were treated to an afternoon of illusion and laughter. Allen the Magician showed off his magical talents while recounting stories of famous wizards and magicians. On Wednesday, every class received a special reading from our travelling storytellers, as teachers shared some French language award winning books on magic, fantasy and wizardry. The costume parade was an absolute delight, as students displayed their favourite wizard, fairy, unicorn, dragon and magical characters during a morning assembly. No Magic of Reading/Magi des livres week would be complete without an afternoon of learning how to make magic wands and potions, wizard hats and ‘flying on a broom’ relay races. Back by popular demand, Babar Books set up a wide collection of both English and French books. The children shopped in their pajamas while awaiting the afternoon read-in which took place in every classroom. But wait, there’s more! Geordie Productions performed ‘The Little Witch’ on Monday to end an extended week whereby the students learned that true classical literature lends itself well to various forms of media, books, sporting events, magic shows and theatre. The magical characters which the children read about came to life this week through the varied literary and hands-on experiences. A big thank you to J.K. Rowling for creating Harry Potter, the enthusiastic wizards, unicorns, mermaids, dragons and fairies and the faculty and staff which organized an exceptionally magical week.


Priory students, faculty and parents had a howling good time at this year's annual Halloween Party! The celebrations commenced with our traditional costume parade where each grade showcased their creative attire. Everyone in attendance enjoyed an array of ghoulish activities including slime making, glow-in-the-dark pumpkin ring toss, Halloween disco, mummy wrap, treasure hunt and bobbing for cookies. Members of the Montreal police force were invited to talk about Halloween safety tips to ensure a safe trick-or-treating experience for all. Highlights of the afternoon were the spooktacular Photo Booth with Bob Winter and the ‘Halloween Haunted Library’ full of innovative decorations and scary effects! A special thank you to Kelly Winter and Auree Lepage and their howling team of over fifty volunteer moms and dads for organizing this much anticipated and appreciated annual event! CLICK HERE FOR HALLOWEEN PHOTOS

Peace Day

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The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on the 21st of September. Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. During a Friday assembly, the Priory School Community embraced this world peace initiative by renewing our Pledge for Peace and our commitment as members of Peaceful Schools International. The culture of peace was further celebrated with a song entitled, ‘With My Own Two Hands’ highlighting how we can use our hands to change the world, make it a better, kinder, cleaner, brighter and safer place for all.



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The sounds and smells of Christmas were certainly in the air of the Priory Kindergarten recently as volunteer moms, dads, teachers and students all combined their creative talents in making festive gingerbread houses for the school's annual PPA Christmas bake sale. Candy canes, gummy candies, peppermints and snow colored icing were all gingerly combined to produce an amazing array of distinct houses that Hansel and Gretel would have been proud to enter! A heartfelt thank you to our moms and dads for making this sweet tradition possible! 


I Love To Read ~ J’aime Lire

As 2017 marks 150 years since Canada’s confederation, the focus of this year’s “I Love To Read/J’aime Lire” was Canadian Literature.  From November 24th to December 1st, the school celebrated the work of talented Canadian authors. Two authors, Lydia Lukidis and Catherine Austen, came to the school and presented engaging storytelling and writing workshops. Eric Michaud, a French “raconteur” kept his audience mesmerized with his lively storytelling. Grade 3 entertained the whole school with a wonderful theatrical adaptation of Phoebe Gilman’s book “Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue”. Grade 1 performed the poem “Alligator Pie” at one of the assemblies and create a beautiful slideshow presentation to accompany their recitation.  To kick off the week, the students were given the challenge to Read Across Canada, a distance of 5541km. Each page read corresponded to 1 kilometre. By mid-week, the students had read over 13 000 pages so the challenge was altered to “Read Around the World”, a distance of 40 000km. During the final reveal at the end of our special week, the children had surpassed the challenge. What an amazing group of enthusiastic readers!


Field Day and Family Spring Fair


In keeping with the school's sense of family, The Priory held its annual Field Day and Family Spring Fair on Tuesday, June 20th, where present, past and future parents and students experienced the essence of The Priory community in a fun-filled afternoon. Grade 6 students fulfilled their leadership roles superbly by writing and teaching the team songs and cheers, and led the field day activities supporting and encouraging their team members every step of the way. The students' team spirit, support of one another and participation in the event made them all winners! PPA did an outstanding job organizing the annual Family Spring Fair with the assistance of many Priory parent and staff volunteers. All Priory family members were treated to exciting games, fun prizes and a delicious BBQ. The children had a tremendous time rotating through stations of activities, including a giant crocodile inflatable slide, mechanical surfboard, inflatable sports court and back by popular demand, the Dunk Tank! Thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped with set-up, ran games and assisted with food and refreshments, and thanks to all who attended and shared in The Priory School spirit! 


For the Love of Reading!

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On Wednesday, June 7th, students and parents at The Priory participated in the 4th annual Book Swap just in time for summer reading. By bringing in gently used books from home, students and parents discovered “new” books while sharing their treasured books with their friends at school. Children were thrilled with their swaps and many became publicists for their favourite books, providing book recommendations and suggestions to their classmates. A heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Eley for organizing the event and for encouraging students to share in the love of reading.  Happy reading everyone!


Priory's Got Talent!

The Paré Howlett Hall was filled with excited children, proud parents and Priory talent on Tuesday, May 16th on National Denim Day. This year's annual Talent Show revealed once again how our school is filled with remarkably talented and confident children. Parents, classmates and teachers watched on as our aspiring artists from Grades 3,4,5 and 6 sang, danced and performed. Many thanks to Mrs. Rolnick, Student Council, and our DJs Michael Nudo, Marilena Sahlas-Roy, and Christopher Torabi who provided an afternoon of fun and enjoyment. Outstanding performances everyone! Also a big thank you to students and faculty who wore demin to support National Denim Day and helped raise $268.45 for the National Breast Cancer Coalition this year!


Franco-Fête: Les Francofolies!

La semaine de la franco-fête, qui a eu lieu du 16 au 20 mai 2016, a connu beaucoup de succès grâce au thème divertissant des « Franco-Folies ». Pendant la semaine, les élèves ont eu le plaisir de participer à de nombreuses activités amusantes et divertissantes. Ils ont pu être créatifs tout en apprenant et en s’amusant! Parmi les folies, il y a avait des virelangues compliqués, une journée à l’envers etune journée où tu pouvais montrer ta créativité avec tes cheveux, ta cravate et/ou tes chaussettes. Le point culminant de la semaine fut l’arrivée du cirque organisée par la classe de maternelle. Bien sûr, il y a eu notre traditionnelle foire du livre Babar. Un très grand merci à la famille Koutroubis pour les délicieuses poutines et bons hot-dogs. Cette semaine fut un succès pour petits et grands. Merci à tous pour votre participation! 


The Annual Priory Science Week

"Exploring Science through Experiments" was the exciting theme of this year's science week at the Priory. Each grade was assigned a specific science mission to complete by the end of the week that involved hands-on exploration resulting in interesting and sometimes surprising findings.  Priory students were also treated to a visit from the McGill Chemistry Outreach team where they witnessed some very awe-inspiring experiments and carried out a hands-on activity of their own. In addition, the Kindergarten children became expert paleontologists for an afternoon during a visit from the Redpath museum's science outreach program. The week ended with delightful presentations by each grade during Friday morning's assembly. The afternoon concluded science week with a bang as Grades 4-6 performed their Science Olympics and the Kindergarten and Grade 3 students collaborated to show off entertaining experiments to Grades 1 and 2. It was a wonderful week filled with scientific discoveries and fun research activities. Our budding scientists certainly took this chance to shine!

Weekly Priory Assemblies

The Priory's twice weekly assemblies are an important aspect of school life, offering children the opportunity to gather as members of The Priory family and share Priory news, celebrate achievements, acknowledge good deeds, reflect, pray, sing and experience the spirit of our community.  This past week, all classes presented a short skit on the Priory Principles: Smooth Movers, Priory Pride, Manners Matter, Healthy Choices, Respect the Environment and lunch etiquette. We look forward to a great year knowing that our faculty and students embrace our Priory Principles.


Earth Day and Science Week

Here Comes the Sun in all its splendor, resonated through the Priory gym to celebrate both Earth Day and Science Week at The Priory. A shortened school week did not interfere with this year's experimental discoveries of Light and Sound. During the entire week, students from all grade levels, were encouraged to explore this year's theme in great detail. The students had many questions: What causes shadows? How does the shape of the ear affect hearing? How do we hear sound? Why is the sky blue? Can you bend light? How are different sounds created? As the week progressed, even more questions were asked and explored. On Wednesday, Grades 3 and 4 visited the Montreal Science Center for an interactive workshop on light and sound effects. The students were extremely engaged as they simulated different sounds and put on a light show while listening to a story about a wolf, a campsite and one dark and stormy night. On Thursday, Bonnie He from Let's Talk Science McGill, was invited to share her expertise. Bonnie expressed the following sentiment before leaving: "Thank you very much. I truly enjoyed working with the children. They were so knowledgeable. They made my job here so easy. I would love to return to The Priory!"

Priory Pencil Awards

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During Friday's assemblies, Headmaster Christian St-Pierre, awards children with a Priory pencil in recognition of their good deeds and acts of kindness. Children have been nominated for helping someone in need, cleaning up their environment and being kind to their peers.