Special Events


Hip Hop Fun!

Thanks to the Priory Parents’ Association, Priory students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 spent 4 days stretching their bodies, learning modern Hip Hop elements and dance moves. The Hip Hop dance routine, which involved intricate body movements, was choreographed by dance experts from H4L Dance Company. While exploring dance concepts, Priory students developed their coordination skills all the while having fun! A culminating high energy performance had all in attendance hipping and hopping all the way home!

Junior Winter Carnival


The Priory Junior Winter Carnival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto. This year's bitter cold weather could not dampen the mood of 96 children when it was announced that all the winter games were being moved to Friday afternoon. As is tradition at The Priory, the children were grouped into five arctic animal teams and were treated to an afternoon of exciting and fun-filled winter carnival activities, including the sledding on the hill, penguin egg relay races, sled relay races, parachute games, and ringette on the Priory ice rink. At the end of the day, the children smiled and laughed as they recounted their Carnival adventures to each other. It was a Winter Carnival spent enjoying, supporting and being a part of a great community! A big thank you to Mrs. Kearney for organizing the Jr Winter Carnival, and many thanks to our faculty members for lending a helping hand.



Thanks to the dedicated Priory Parents' Association our little Priory elves together with parents, were busy making special memories while creating delightful Christmas masterpieces. The annual Christmas Craft Workshop was held on Friday, December 8th, bringing the joy of Christmas to everyone in attendance. Both child and parent had fun while creating holiday treasures to share with family and friends. This was certainly a heart-warming Priory family affair!

Grade 4 Leads With Kindness


Leading with Kindness came naturally to The Priory's Grade 4 class when they shared a story about friendship during our weekly school-wide assembly. Being positive and encouraging, each student stood in front of assembly and handed out Priory Pencil Awards to students in recognition of their random acts of kindness. Thank you Grade 4 for reminding us about the importance of kindness, and how small gestures can lead to caring relationships.

The Priory Bagel Bash


The Priory celebrated coming together as a school community with the PPA Bagel Bash on Wednesday, September 26th. Priory students and parents enjoyed fresh, and delicious bagels in the Paré Howlett Hall in celebration of togetherness and friendships. Many thanks to our PPA organizers and parent volunteers who handed out bagels, and helped spread some cream cheese with a huge dollop of cheer! Heartfelt thanks to Fairmount Bagels for our yummy bagel snack!


The Ancient Art of Japanese Calligraphy


Masako Takahatake (Priory Alumni Parent ‘88) of the Canada-Japan Society of Montreal came back to her “home away from home” along with several International students from Japan to facilitate cultural exchanges and promote friendships. Dressed in traditional kimonos, our guest students shared their knowledge about the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy and the art of origami with the Grade 5 students.  Although the students were not able to communicate with words, the smiles and laughter shared between everyone said it all.  


Chinese New Year Celebration


Dressed in red to symbolize good luck, the Grade 1 students celebrated Chinese New Year together in class. Books about Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations were read, and paper dragon puppets and lanterns with good luck messages were made. The highlight of the day was when the children used chopsticks at lunchtime to eat long noodles “for a long life”. Happy Year of the Dog!


Student Council Valentine Surprise

Red day.JPG

Valentine’s Day was received with smiles, heartfelt messages and heart-shaped decorations, compliments of The Priory Student Council. Student Council organized personalized classroom celebrations for every Priory student from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  Their wish was to celebrate Valentine’s Day by making everyone feel special. Thank you Student Council for your thought surprise!

100 Days Smarter!

100 days.JPG

One hundred days smarter. Yes we are! Last week both the Kindergarten and Grade 1 students proudly celebrated one hundred days of school with special treats and exciting class activities based on the number 100. Priory students summed up the celebration perfectly by saying “This is fun!" 100 cheers for everyone! 

HomeGrown Snacks


After carefully planting vegetables from seedlings and  transferring them to the school’s indoor hydroponic gardens (NutriTowers), our Kindergarten gardeners harvested kale  and eagerly delivered their produce to the school’s cooks who turned the bounty into a tasty kale chip snack. According to our students and faculty members, the baked kale chips were delicious! Thank you Kindergarten for planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, and thank you to our lovely kitchen ladies for the yummy treat! We look forward to our next delicious meal!


Kin-ball Anyone?


When Phys-Ed teacher, Mark Gentile, asked Priory teachers if they would like to play a fun-friendly game of kin-ball, their answer was a resounding "Yes!" The 4th, 5th and 6th grade students cheered on their classmates as they competed against each other and their teachers. The exciting kin-ball game ended in a win for the teachers and a memorable experience for all the children!


Let’s Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science McGill recently visited with Grades 3 and 4 students for some hands-on and minds-on STEM activities.  Ethan, the biochemist, performed a science magic show in Grade 3 using eggs, liquids and solutions to teach density, chemical reactions and introduced PH testing and acids and bases. The Grade 4 students were challenged by Ying, the civil engineer, to build marshmallow towers exploring strong shapes and the fundamentals of engineering, followed by a crime lab presentation using forensic DNA testing and fingerprinting.  These STEM learning experiences gave our students an opportunity to build on what they know, investigate questions and discover the world around them in a fun and meaningful way.


Last Wednesday, January 15th, St. George's Grade 9 drama students put on a spectacular theatre presentation for The Priory's Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2 classes. Fancy costumes, lively music and sensational actions entertained and delighted the children. Classic stories such as Sleeping Beauty, Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, and Jack and the Bean Stalk were adapted in such a way as to involve the young audience in chants, songs, dances and even some acting up on stage. One Grade 2 student was heard to exclaim, "I wish we could stay here forever and see more and more plays!" It was a very memorable experience that everyone looks forward to repeating next year.


Passionate about sharing their love of art, Priory parent and Art Therapist, Kim Cooney, along with Priory teacher Mme Kuska, hosted a wine glass painting party at The Priory on Friday evening. Parents and faculty wined and dined as they created brilliant and beautiful designs. Each wine glass painting was unique and reflected the different personalities. Some hand painted monograms for each member of their family, some created holiday-themed designs just in time for Christmas, while several created floral and polka dot patterns.  Every participant left with a smile and a happy heart wondering when the next activity for the soul would take place. Kim Cooney commented on The Priory's Instagram, “I loved it! Such a great bunch of parents and staff in an incredible school!” How blessed we are to have each other. Thank you PPA for all the wonderful things that you do!


Inspire Kindness/Inspire la Gentillesse

Class time, school events, and weekly assemblies are recognized at The Priory as a time to highlight kindness towards others through many activities and initiatives. One recent initiative took place during assembly on World Kindness Day in November where senior students explained a “Pay it Forward” inspirational video they had created about how kindness can be contagious. Members of the Peace Committee read a fable, “Wolf’s Favor”, illustrating a pay it forward lesson that starts with a wolf,  and following assembly, every student took part in a pay it forward activity by writing and drawing messages of kindness on arrows. The “pay it forward” arrows are displayed throughout the school as a reminder of the kind acts that each student makes to better their school, community and world.

STEAM Makerspace Challenge Day

On Tuesday, June 14th the Grade 4 and 5 students participated in a hands-on, highly engaging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Challenge Day.  In collaboration with LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network ) Quebec and Priory teachers, students worked in small teams to develop and present solutions to three STEAM challenges which included building simple circuits to make a LED light function; programming robots to go through an obstacle course; designing and building a pin wheel that spins; building a homopolar engine; designing and creating an art robot that can draw by itself;using a clay figure to make a movie, and creating a 3-dimensional model that uses two simple machines. Students were excited take part in this terrific opportunity to solve challenging problems while fostering a love of STEAM. 

Winter Program

As part of The Priory’s new Winter Program encouraging children to try something new while enjoying the pleasures of winter, the Grades 4, 5 and 6 students explored Mount Royal on snowshoes on Friday, January 8th. Led by snowshoeing enthusiasts and Priory teachers, Mme Martineau, Mrs. Raymond, Mrs. Rolnick and Mr. Feith, students enjoyed a fun and challenging snowshoe exhibition on a perfect winter day. On their way back to school, students were thrilled to be thinking about their next winter adventure together!


Teddy Bear Picnic

On a brisk and sunny morning, the Kindergarten class had a cozy Teddy Bear Picnic to celebrate the end of November's unit on Bears. The children took great pleasure in having their teddy bears from home visit in the classroom and participate in all the Kindergarten learning activities this month. The teddy bears were sent home to hibernate for the winter, leaving behind fun memories and a classroom decorated with painted portraits the students made of their bears. The Teddy Bear Picnic was the perfect way to say good bye to fall and welcome the winter season - and was enjoyed by students and teddy bears alike! 

Artist and Author, Craig Thompson, visits The Priory School 

At the Priory School, books and reading are not just promoted during "I Love to Read Week". Hot on the heels of this hugely successful week-long celebration of reading, The Priory School welcomed author and illustrator, Craig Thompson, creator of the graphic novels "Space Dumplins", "Good-bye", "Chunky Rice" and more. Mr. Thompson is also the recipient of three Eisner awards, four Harvey awards and two Ignatz awards. Visiting the Grade 5 and Grade 6 classes on Tuesday, October 27, Mr. Thompson talked about his process for preparing drawings and illustrations for publication, and presented to the classes examples of his drawings and different stages of development. It was inspiring and enjoyable for all of the students, several of whom had already read some of Mr. Thompson's work. Thank you very much to Craig Thompson, and to Babar Books, who brought in Mr. Thompson all the way from Los Angeles, California!

Science Week

Six professional scientists from diverse fields across Montreal visited The Priory to help launch this year's Science Week. By the end of the week there were over 160 scientists in our school. As a school-wide project, all grades helped to improve our gardens. The week was a huge success resulting in beautiful and healthy gardens and each student able to say with confidence, "I am a scientist!" We look forward to seeing what these budding scientists discover next year in their brand new science lab.

Brain Awareness Week

What does your brain do for you? As part of Brain Awareness Week, Grade 6 students created a model of a brain by mixing together a few ingredients, kneading the mixture, shaping it and adding food colouring to represent the different parts of a brain, all the while learning about its main functions. The students also had a fun-filled opportunity to learn more about the role of the brain and its inner workings during a workshop given by two neuro-specialists from McGill University on Thursday, March 19th. The presentation was centered around the five senses and how our brain is responsible for what we experience and who we are. The students actively participated in the class discussion, and had a unique opportunity to observe and even touch a real brain. What does a mass of tens of billions of neurons feel like to the touch? Students shared their observations with the rest of the class: "the brain feels like filet mignon"; "it is cold and bumpy"; "it feels wrinkly and slimy".


Mind Your P's & Q's Priory Cook-Off 

Is proper etiquette a lost art in today’s world? Maybe in some places, but not at The Priory. Thanks to the Priory Parents Association, the week of April 28th was filled with excitement as students discovered the joys of cooking with hands on cooking classes from Coco Cannelle and learned the proper techniques for eating from experts at the Canadian School of Modern Etiquette.

In small groups, children from various grades helped one another with kneading, stirring and whipping.  With a spatula in one hand, and ingredients in the other, students rolled up their sleeves and showed-off their culinary talents preparing sumptuous delights such as mini pancakes with coulis, stuffed homemade ravioli, kid friendly sushi, and baked mini rice balls filled with cheese and green peas.

Throughout the week, students were also engaged in activities reinforcing proper table settings, proper use of napkins, how to butter bread as well as social etiquette skills that will last a lifetime. This exceptional week culminated with a very enthusiastic presentation for friends and family. Students plated up their culinary creations and were given some challenges including how to serve and pass food, resting position for their cutlery, and how to close the meal. Several toasts were made by children during the special lunch. Grayson Csik in Grade 4 made a heartwarming toast to the “cookingclasses, etiquette classes and to learning something new.” The Grade 6 students led the final activity where each team chose an etiquette challenge and were asked to prepare and act out a skit to show what they had learned during the week. The children acted out the many ways they can make a great first impression when meeting someone for the first time, and came up with many good manner examples when using mobile devices. As their challenge, Team Ten crafted a toast to the volunteers, and hosts for this event, “Thank you to the PPA, Coco Cannelle and to the School of Modern Etiquette for the amazing cooking and etiquette classes and for the delicious food we had. We had an enjoyable week!”

This special week at The Priory was made possible through the dedication of PPA Co-Chairs Courtenay Price-Gallagher and Sylvie Koutroubis and their devoted team of parents who guided the process and ensured its success. The week provided a brilliant time for children of all ages to cook, learn and share together!

Jingle Session at The Priory

Julie Kryk, a singer-songwriter and creative arts teacher who has worked with musical sensations such as Sarah McLachlan, U2 and Sheryl Crowe, recently visited The Priory and spent a very productive two hours working with the entire school to help compose a song about The Priory School Community. During the jingle session, Priory students shared ideas and engaged in lively discussions about lyrics and melody for the new song. Thanks to the remarkable contribution by all students, a school song was successfully recorded!



Kids on the Block

What is unique about children with disabilities and special learning challenges? The Priory children have a much better appreciation for the uniqueness of others after watching a Puppet Show performance given by Grade 9 students from St. George's High School about diversity and empathy on February 4th. Tying in with this year's school theme of "I Care", 'Kids on the Block' performed skits introducing puppet characters that had disabilities in order to teach students that children with disabilities have many strengths, have dreams, are loving and would make a good friend. Priory children met Mark in a wheelchair, Jane who has Downs Syndrome, Valerie who uses crutches and braces to walk, Jennifer who has learning disabilities and Renaldo who is blind. After each skit, students asked the puppets questions such as "how do you know the traffic light is green if you are blind", "how do you drive a car if you have physical disabilities" and "is there a cure"? Priory students walked away more aware, caring and empathetic towards the uniqueness of others. Taken from Saloni in Grade 3, the lesson learned was that "just because someone is different, it does not mean that they can't do the same thing as other people. They just do it in a different way." If someone is different, it does not mean you can't be their friend."


Students Start a Chain Reaction of Kindness

The Priory School has always strived to create a school culture that promotes kindness and respect. During Friday assemblies, Principal Tim Peters awards children with Priory pencils in recognition of their good deeds and acts of kindness. Last Tuesday’s assembly took on a new approach. The Grade 5 students took on a leadership role during the assembly and their message was heard loud and clear: “Let’s all be part of the Kindness Chain.” Students showed a short inspirational video that demonstrated how far little acts of kindness can go. They also put together skits for the rest of the school to help create some ideas for being kind, such as helping a classmate with their class work, inviting someone to play, or placing a lost item in the Lost and Found so it can be claimed. They asked students to ‘pay it forward’. To do something kind for someone else when someone does something kind for them. Purple strips were distributed to all the teachers and the Grade 5 students encouraged everyone at assembly to write down and record the act of kindness received or given. The goal is to assemble the paper strips into links and create a chain that will stretch around the perimeter of the school’s gymnasium highlighting all the wonderful things that we do for each other in our Priory community.


Derwent is Different

On Tuesday, November 12th the touring play, Derwent is Different, produced by Geordie Productions was performed for the entire school. The play, which was about a 10 year old boy's struggle with a bully, kept the students spellbound from beginning to end. It was clear during the subsequent "question and answer" period with the play's actors that the students had taken the play's message to heart. This play served as an excellent complement to the Second Step Program, a social skills and conflict resolution program utilized at The Priory School. It also served as a springboard to start a dialogue about this difficult and distressing issue, and to show children that, although it's not always easy, there is always a way out. 


Family Night at The Priory

Family Night at The Priory was an evening filled with excitement. With a "Passport for Learning" in hand, students guided their parents and grandparents through the school to participate in fun and challenging activities. Parents in Kindergarten played colour bingo in French with their children, Grade 1 students shared their knowledge about tree facts and Grade 2 students practiced their spelling words by playing word games. Grade 3 took part in an Atlas Scavenger Hunt, while Grade 4 students played their favourite math games with their parents. Grade 5 participated in a five senses mystery box activity and Grade 6 students took part in a slime experiment and story writing competition. Families joined the French team in vocabulary and interactive Smartboard games. Mme Kuska's art room became the venue for creating Family Night pins while family members created a piece of music in Mr. Lahteenmaa's music room. Fun Family Photos were taken in ICT and co-operative games were played in the gym with Mr. Gentile. A scavenger hunt accompanied with a "Passport for Learning" recording all of the answers to the questions asked, completed the evening. Family Night at The Priory provided a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some special family time together at the school!



The Priory Welcomes Montreal Impact Goalie, Greg Sutton

Greg Sutton's visit to The Priory School on Monday, May 7th, proved to be a memorable and inspirational event. The Montreal Impact Goalie reminded the students of the value of pursuing an education, and working hard to attain high grades in order to achieve personal goals. Greg is a firm believer that respect is the basis of all human relationships and with this, goodness will overcome and make this world a better place.

He opened up the floor to a wealth of diverse questions. Greg talked about his career, family, and his interests. When all the students' questions were answered, he stayed behind to sign autographs for the entire student body. The children walked out of school waving their autographs and asking to visit with the athlete a little longer. This was certainly one visit The Priory School will cherish for years to come.