The Priory School Clubs


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Student Council

Student Council meets weekly to discuss school issues. Members of the council are committed to making our school a better place and making a difference in our world. From bake sales to litter trees, students learn about their roles as leaders and role models.

Student Council is a group of students from Grades 4-6 whose goal is to improve the school and create a better learning environment. Every year the Council decides on one school issue and works hard to find a solution. Recently, we worked on making The Priory a healthier school by teaching the children about choosing healthy, nutritional snacks. We collected snack wrappers from the playground and examined the nutritional labels of each product. We conducted surveys and we spoke to our schoolmates about how to make healthier choices. Hopefully our efforts will improve Priory students' snack choices!

Written by members of the Student Council.

The Priory School Choir

The Priory School Choir gives students the opportunity to sing interesting and fun repertoire and gain valuable performance experience inside and outside of the school. Students are able to join The Choir starting in Grade 3 and practices are held once a week during a designated lunch break. Throughout the school year, choir members learn and practice a few helpful vocal warm-ups and develop their range and intonation while singing songs in at least two parts, either in canon or with harmony. More than anything, The Choir strives to provide an inviting and encouraging space for all students who simply love to sing!

The Priory Drama Club

The Priory School's Drama club performed  “The Wizard of Oz” to over 200 enthusiastic ticket holders. The cast included twenty-seven 4th, 5th and 6th graders, who portrayed the roles of lead and support actors and much needed stagehands. The Drama Club meets once a week for this exciting event as they rehearsed lines, songs and designed and built the stage panels and costumes.


Saturday Sports Training Camp

The Priory School Saturday Morning Sports Camp is offered weekly to Priory children in kindergarten to grade 6 from 8:50 am - 12:00 pm. The purpose of the camp is to provide students with a chance to improve their skills and fitness levels, while increasing their knowledge of soccer and basketball. The theme of the camp for the players as well as coaches continues to be El Espiritu deportivo de la Priory està aqui (The Priory School has sportsmanship).