Student Showcase


Tibetan Peace Flags

What is Peace? There isn’t simply one definition for peace and we are not limited to how we can spread and receive it. We can feel peace in our hearts, we can see peace in our smiles and hear peace in our voices as we laugh, sing, and express joy. People, cultures and countries all over the world celebrate peace in their own special ways. During Friday’s Peace assembly, Grade 5 students presented Tibetan Peace Flags created by their own loving hands. In Tibet and now at The Priory, these flags flutter in the wind and spread messages that allow others to feel peace in their hearts and in the world.

"True Power" - A Grade 4 Class Film

Over the course of the school year, 4th grade students worked collaboratively to learn about screenwriting, acting, special effects and different camera angles and shots. Their class film "True Power" was showcased during a school assembly, where the results of a new-found appreciation for film making were proudly displayed with the help of their teacher, Mr. Feith. Congratulations Grade 4! 

The Priory's Maker Steam Faire

Both current and new coming families and Priory students alike were able to experience Priory teaching and learning at its best! The Priory STEAM Faire united all classes as they came together to create, build, test, tinker and make. The essence of a typical Priory day was captured in a one family-friendly afternoon whereby all invited guests, family, staff, faculty and students engineered and tested first-hand some of the students’ favourite STEAM challenges. As the guests arrived they were greeted by students who led the various work stations. All in attendance were encouraged to try out circuiting, coding, assembling, building, and testing. Some of the challenges included building bridges, shadow making, testing sturdy houses, makey makey scratch coding, designing roller coasters, using green screen technology, building and coding robots to solve problems, circuiting light-up designs, and virtual touring. As an added feature this year, two Priory parents, Mr. Mattei and Dr. DelleDonne, demonstrated their expertise in the fields of engineering and medicine, which the students embraced with enthusiasm and gratitude. Other participants included, members of Learn Quebec and Kids Code Jeunesse who eagerly devoted their afternoon to join our Mini STEAM Faire. We would like to recognize all the students and teachers who showcased some of their deeper learning projects, all while ensuring that visitors experienced hands-on interactive STEAM challenge opportunities. A sincere thank you to our Grade 3 teacher and Mini STEAM Faire Chair, Mrs. Trionfo, and the entire Science Committee for providing support and organizing the ‘best show and tell on earth’!


Coding with Dash the Robot

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 are honing their logic and problem solving skills by coding Dash robots to navigate through an obstacle course, draw shapes and create pieces of music using a xylophone. Last week, students also programmed Dash to be a cleaning machine to see how quickly they can clean up some Lego pieces. While building their STEAM skills by coding with Dash robots, students solve challenges, work together, persevere and get creative! 


Grade 2 Learns to Sew

Have you ever lost a mitten? Inspired by Jan Brett’s book, The Mitten, Grade 2 students sewed enough mittens to fill up the Priory’s Lost and Found box. The children enjoyed learning how to make a running stitch and sew on a button. Threading a needle and tying a knot in the thread were challenging at first, but with perseverance, patience and support from Mrs. MacKinnon, the students became more confident in their skills and abilities. The children were excited to use their mittens in a science experiment to test how clothing can  keep us toasty warm in the winter. For their second sewing project, a mini heart-shaped pillow or pocket for Valentine’s Day, many students were sewing independently and helping others along the way. Some boys and girls have also begun personal sewing projects, which they eagerly work on when they arrive to class each morning. Grade 2 certainly has the itch to stitch!

Dinosaur Creations

After learning all about dinosaurs and their traits during class, our little paleontologists became experts for a day during a visit from the Redpath Museum's Science Outreach Program. Students took a trip back in time and discovered the function of different dinosaur body parts by creating their very own dinosaur model. The children roared with enthusiasm as they unveiled their creations!

Quel est le métier de vos rêves?

Les élèves de la classe de Madame Martineau ont présenté leur métier de rêve à leurs camarades de classe. Les élèves ont cherché un emploi qui correspond à leur personnalité. Le large éventail de carrières comprenait des chefs, un archéologue, un astronaute, etc. tous désireux de parler de leurs compétences.



Mrs. Raymond’s 6th Grade students pitched their practical inventions and creative business ideas to a panel of mock investors. The “sharks” invited to attend were, Glenn Raymond, a Sales Manager with over 35 years of airline experience, Uros Milekic, a professional Chartered Accountant, and Bradley Raymond, an Account Executive and Inside Sales Representative.

In order to convince the “sharks” to invest in their ideas, the young entrepreneurs designed presentations in the form of business models including target customers and cost structure. A few of the prototypes include: Cozy Up, eco coats for pets, Gyro-180, a solar powered iPhone charger, Grayson’s Goodies Jr., a mobile lemonade stand, Flying Food, a new way to deliver food, J&W Tech, the smartpack with a solar panel charger and adjustable bluetooth colored lights. The young entrepreneurs were not only able to describe the function of their inventions, they were able to apply their skills and knowledge when making a connection to the real world. Congratulations Grade 6 for pitching your ideas with confidence and readiness.

Coding With Scratch

After embarking on a journey to the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, as part of the class Heritage Fair, the Grade 3 students created interactive tours using Scratch, a programming language. You don’t need a passport, just click on on the green flag to start the tours and then use the arrow keys, space bar and z key to enjoy the interactive tour for each Natural Wonder of the World. 

Aurora Borealis



A Christmas Story - The Revolt of the Elves

During assembly on December 18th, all in attendance were treated to an outstanding Christmas story written by our very own Max Friedl in Grade 5. We wish to share this whimsical story with our Priory community. Please click on the link and enjoy!

La Franco-Fête

Du 4 au 8 mai 2015, tous les élèves du Priory ont mis à profit leur imagination afin de faire un vrai succès de la francofête ayant pour thème "Les personnages fantastiques". Durant cette semaine remplie d'activités créatives et excitantes amorcée par une assemblée costumée et dynamique, tous les élèves du premier au troisième cycle ont prirent part à la rédaction d'une histoire collective commencée par les plus jeunes, puis terminée par les plus vieux. On se souviendra longtemps des aventures de Camila, du pirate, du chevalier et du dragon! De nombreuses pièces de théâtre furent mises en scène, un adorable poème décrivant le monde de l'imaginaire fut récité avec enthousiasme par la classe de maternelle et la foire du livre de Babar eut encore lieu, donnant la chance aux élèves de se procurer de magnifiques livres en français. Cette semaine féérique prit fin sur une bonne note lors d'une chasse au trésor au Mont-Royal suivie d'un piquenique ouvert à toute la communauté du Priory. Merci à tous les petits superhéros, chevaliers et sorciers ainsi qu'à toutes les petites sirènes, fées et princesses du Priory qui ont su faire preuve de créativité pour rendre cette semaine totalement magique!


Café de la Nouvelle-France

If you walked into the Grade 4 classroom on Wednesday, December 17th, you would have gone back in time to the days of Colonial New France. As part of the Social Studies curriculum and after studying New France, students got to relive a part of the culture in a very creative and meaningful way. Ms. Bouchard's classroom was transformed into a café staffed with Grade 4 students in aprons ready to take your order and Chefs handing out items from, "le menu de la Nouvelle-France". On the menu for the day were scrumptious crêpes, muffins aux bluets and la tarte au sucre, lovingly prepared by the Grade 4 class. Merci!


La maternelle célèbre la langue française

Les élèves de maternelle impliqués dans le programme « Reading Buddies » embarquent dans une autre aventure tout en célébrant la langue française. Récemment, les élèves de quatrième année ont eu la gentillesse de passer leur récréation à jouer à des jeux de société avec les élèves de maternelle. Comme il fait plaisir de voir l'apprentissage et la camaraderie qui continuent de grandir entre ces deux groupes! 


Grade 3 Skypes with Renowned Author Robert Kimmel Smith

What a memorable treat for Grade 3 students! On Tuesday February 11th, author Robert Kimmel Smith came into the Grade 3 classroom and read the very last and final chapter of his hilariously funny book entitled 'Chocolate Fever'. The children sat very attentively as a grandpa read the final chapter of a story he had written for his own daughter so many years before. Author Smith invited the students into his Manhattan apartment and he shared some of his cherished memories. We were able to get a glimpse of his signed Brooklyn Dodgers baseball and viewed his collection of books, mementos and character sketches created by young readers. The Grade 3 class truly appreciated the opportunity to ask him questions. Mr. Smith gave heartfelt responses and shared his love for peanut butter cups. The children could easily tell that he is still a child at heart. They are thankful for his honesty, attentiveness and willingness to share the joy he receives from writing for children. At the end of the skype session, Ella, from Grade 3 expressed this sentiment, "It was a great experience to skype with the author of such a great book. I especially liked it when he read the book to us because it sounded so realistic."

Grade 3 Creates a Winter Olympic Website

From the moment that the 2014 Winter Olympics were introduced to the Grade 3 class as their Heritage Fair project, the children took it upon themselves to research, follow the events, record the medal counts, and share their highlights about each event and day. This enthusiasm was harnessed and turned into the first ever website creation for the Grade 3 class.2014 Winter Olympics

Grade 1 Digital Stories

The Grade 1 students created ebooks on the iPads using an app called MyStory. The children wrote their own stories, added drawings, photos and stickers and then recorded their voices reading their digital books.They were excited about sharing their stories with family and classmates. All About Trees and What do you see?

Grade 2 Digital Stories

After reading "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie", by Laura Numeroff, the Grade 2 students created digital storybooks of their own version of this best seller book. They used "if…, then…" statements that validate their comprehension of the cause-effect relationship that they learned this year. If you give a turtle.


Exploring New France à la Fakebook

Grade 4 students created a fake profile page à la Fakebook to explore the life of historical figures of New France to reinforce the content of the social studies program. In the spirit of social networking, they had to describe elements of everyday life and share highlights of their historical figures achievements in the city in 1745. While adding 'friends' and writing status updates and posts, students were able to imagine and describe the impact of major changes in New France life (the fur trade for example). Here is one students' Fakebook page:


Grade One Halloween Counting Book

The Priory's Grade 1 class created their very own Halloween counting books in digital format. It's called "What did you see on Halloween night?" Happy listening everyone!


Future Paleontologists Speak Out!

To culminate Kindergarten's unit on dinosaurs, the children were each asked to select their favorite dinosaur for individual study. In collaboration with their Grade 4 Shared Book Buddies, each pair of buddies was given a book about their favorite dinosaur. The books were read by the grade 4 students to their kindergarten buddies and then kindergarten wrote down three facts about their favorite dinosaur and why their dinosaur was special to them. Kindergarten then searched the Internet to find images of their dinosaurs during ICT and saved the images for printing. Grade 4 then worked with their kindergarten buddies to create a poster board of written and pictorial information which would eventually be presented to the kindergarten parents. Grade 4 was also instrumental in advising their buddies on how to begin their presentations, to speak in a loud voice and what information to share with their audience. Kindergarten parents were then invited to the Kindergarten classroom to hear their children's first oral presentation. It was a proud moment for all concerned! Watch it on youtube


Grade Five Brings Math Alive

Grade 5 "Brings Math Alive" with their Class Math Blog The purpose of the blog is to promote co-operative learning. Students have been busy recording and posting instructional math videos from 'Strategies to solve math problems' to 'How to measure an angle using a protractor'. Students have also been busy writing and submitting complex math word problems for extra practice and for their classmates to solve. Please note that the class blog is protected, only students with permission can read and post comments.


Kindergarten, Kindergarten, What do you see?
Retold and illustrated by Kindergarten

After reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle, the Kindergarten class created their very own version of the book in digital format titled, "Kindergarten, Kindergarten, What Do You See?" Find out what the Kindergarten class saw during this time of discovery.

Science Experiments Voicethread by Grade 3

The grade 3 students are proud to share their VoiceThread project they created to teach others about Air and Its Properties. Their in-class experiments helped them to answer the question, "What is Air?" The experiments show that: Air is everywhere and takes up space, air has weight, and air works for us. The students took photos, documented their observations and results, put words to their photos and recorded their voices. The final product is an example of what happens when children help each other to learn and to be successful.

Bedtime Stories by Kindergarten

Kindergarten created their very own bedtime story which they entitled "How The Deer and Blue Jay Helped Out". The children brainstormed the text as a group and then each child was assigned a page to illustrate and then read aloud into a microphone for our on-line book. The end result produced an original storybook that went home to twenty-five Kindergarten families to share at bedtime as well as an on-line book that can be viewed by the entire Priory community. We hope that you get as much pleasure from our listening to our story as we did in creating it!! 

Plic Plic Ploc!

Les élèves de la classe de première année de Madame Martineau ont crée leur propre version écrite du livre Plic Plic Ploc. Ils ont ensuite utilisé le logiciel....pour réciter chaque page de leur histoire. Venez écouter cette magnifique récitation du livre PLIC PLIC PLOC!