The Priory's Helping Hands

Students at The Priory School have a long-standing tradition of community service. Students participate in a number of community service initiatives, learning a sense of responsibility and the joy of giving.



The cheerful sounds of singing were heard on the morning of Wednesday, December 6th at the 26th Annual Toy Tea that took place at the Ritz-Carlton Oval Room. For the past several weeks, the members of The Choiry had been working diligently to prepare a musical program for the event, and their efforts paid off with an outstanding performance that was filled with positive energy and beautiful melodies. Each year, The Choiry participates in the Toy Tea fundraiser that benefits children living in women’s shelters in the Greater Montreal Area during the holiday season.



In keeping with The Priory's willingness to ignite positive change while helping those in need, Thursday, November 16th was designated Purple Day! Students, faculty and staff donned purple accessories including ties, socks, sweaters and scarves in exchange for a toonie donation. While wearing purple in support of World Prematurity Day, the Grade 3 students alongside their teacher, Mrs. Trionfo, baked, packaged and sold delicious chocolate crinkle cookies to Priory students to raise awareness and money for the Jewish General Hospital Auxiliary’s Tiny Miracle Fund. Thank you to everyone who supported this great cause, $630 raised will go towards the purchase of books for the NICU’s new reading program “Books for Babies”. 


Student Council Bake Sale


The Priory Student Council, led by Mrs. Rolnick and Mrs. Trionfo, sponsors two foster children as part of their outreach program. Due to their effort and commitment, our foster children, Ivan from Bolivia and Allassane from Burkina Faso will have nourishing food and new clothes to wear. The annual bake sale is always an exciting event and this year was particularly “sweet” with $1,540 raised! The Student Council would like to thank the school community for supporting this event. Our foster children, Ivan and Allassane, will have a better life thanks to The Priory School!


Igniting Positive Change

In keeping with the Priory’s school-wide theme this year of making a difference in our community, Kindergarten participated in some exciting activities with the Grade 5 students on their “Amazing Race in Search of Amazing People” event. Together, they supported a few different charities in and around the Montreal area. The Kindergarten class collected non-perishable food items for donation to the NDG Food Depot and new white tube socks for donation to Toe2Toe (an organization that supplies clean white socks to the homeless). A BIG thank you to our Kindergarten parents for their help in igniting positive change in the community!


Terry Fox Run

In its twenty-fourth year of supporting The Terry Fox Research Foundation, Priory students, along with their supportive parents, teachers, and school mascot Panther, walked, skipped and ran around Beaver Lake to pay tribute to a true Canadian hero. 


Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

helping hands cecere.jpg

Priory siblings Gianluca and Giuliana Cecere along with their Nonna, hosted an “espresso and cookies” fundraiser, as part of the fundraising initiatives for the victims of hurricane Irma. While Nonna Olympia affectionately prepared and served espresso coffee to parents and teachers, Gianluca and Giuliana distributed cookies that had been lovingly hand-packaged for gift giving by Giuliana herself. Donations from the fundraiser were given to the Canadian Red Cross to provide assistance to families impacted by this devastating hurricane. Thank you Gianluca, Giuliana and the Mattei Family who sponsored the espresso, for igniting a positive change by reaching out to others in need.  Mr. Pare from the Red Cross (responsable des financement Monteregie) graciously accepted a cheque in the amount of $1,052.37, raised through the generous contributions from the Priory community. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families affected by this tragic event.


Shoes for Schools

shoes for schools.jpg

In 3rd grade, Rory Krnjevic celebrated his birthday on October 18, by asking his friends and classmates to bring in used shoes and boots in exchange for a birthday cupcake. Years later, Rory started a school drive fundraiser, “Shoes for Schools” and every year for his birthday, he organizes an annual shoe drive within his community that provides shoes and boots to those in greatest need. During last week’s assembly, Rory invited Priory students to clean out their closets and participate in his shoe drive by donating gently warn shoes. This includes athletic shoes, school shoes, rubber boots and winter boots of all sizes. Please help Rory with his campaign by dropping off your gently warn shoes or boots before October 18th. Shoe collection boxes have been set up at The Priory next to the Art Room. For more information, please visit Rory’s website:


West Island Flooding

In response to the devastating flooding in certain areas in Quebec (specifically the West Island) and ensuing hardships suffered by families, Friday, May 12th was designated a "Free Dress Day" at The Priory. Each student participated and helped by bringing in $2 and a non-perishable food item or toiletries.The money raised went directly to the organizations taking care of the victims. 


Jump Rope For Heart

On Friday, May 5th, Priory students put on their “skipping shoes” and joined parents and teachers to raise funds for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. Thanks to Phys Ed. teacher, Mr. Gentile, this in-school, fun, heart healthy program teaches children that an active lifestyle is essential to our health and well-being. The children were happy to participate for this worthwhile cause! This year’s fundraising effort raised a total of $3,608. Thank you to everyone for your generpus donations!



What does it mean to make healthy choices? During ‘Nutrition Month’, Principal Tim Peters and our Grade 6 student ambassadors, launched a health awareness campaign and challenged Priory students to adopt healthy habits while raising funds for the McGill University Health Complex (MUHC). During a school assembly, MUHC clinical dietitian, Popi Kasvis, had students demonstrate the amount of sugar in popular beverages and challenged them to make healthy choices. Students were particularly astounded to learn how much sugar is added in some of our popular and favourite drinks. Encouraging their peers and teachers to ‘step up’ their current routines, the Grade 5 students organized a pedometer fitness challenge promoting physical activity and exercise. At The Priory, eating healthy food and exercise are always part of the daily menu. The goal of the Healthy Student Challenge is to encourage everyone at The Priory to pledge to incorporate a new healthy daily habit while in turn supporting the MUHC. Keep fit everyone!


Baking for Others

kindness grade 3.jpg

When Mrs. Trionfo started baking years ago with her class, she knew her students would love it but she didn't realize how much of a positive impact it would have on her class. Today, baking is part of her curriculum and is also used to help others in the community. When Grade 3 students wanted to say thank you to the Kahnawake Social Workers for their compassionate work with their community, the students created kindness hearts, and put their passion for baking at work to lovingly prepare chewy chocolate chip cookies. A special thank you indeed!


Community Outreach Program

Grade helping hands.jpg

During an annual community outreach program, the Grade 1 students understood first-hand what the motto "It is better to give than to receive" feels like. Each child chose a cherished possession from their homes to give to another child in greater need. This learning experience included a classroom activity requiring each student to explain and write about why their gently used book or toy would be appreciated by another child. Their donations were then delivered by their teacher to The Women's Centre of Montreal where these gifts will be placed into Christmas baskets and received by grateful children in our community.


Lemon-Aid Fundraiser

On Wednesday, May 25th, Grade 2 organized a Lemon-Aid Fundraiser for the Fort McMurray Fire Relief through the Red Cross. Over $400 was raised to help those in need. Grade 2 worked hard to develop a plan and make the fresh lemonade. Much thanks to Grade 3 for the cookie contribution, Grade 6 student Grayson Csik for his Lemon-Aid stand, Les 5 Saisons Westmount for the donation of 100 lemons and to everyone who helped to support the cause!


Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd, Priory students wore 'free dress' in earth colours of green, brown and blue for a Toonie to help Earth Day Canada grow the global forest. This year, The Priory joined Earth Day Canada’s Rooting4TreesCampaign and, with everyone’s support, $175 was raised. The Priory has pledged to plant 25 legacy trees to celebrate the earth and Earth Day Canada’s 25th anniversary. 


The Priory Hosts the 4th Annual Toonie Challenge

Dr. May Khairy, Pediatrician and former Priory student, addressed the participants communicating the two medical equipment proposals that the MUHC wishes to purchase with the Toonie Challenge funds raised. Following her talk, students and staff were invited to visit a series of interactive kiosks designed to describe and explain the work being done at various MUHC departments. Students engaged in proper hand washing, used surgical computerized instruments, manipulated the brain and eyeballs, learned about nutrition and some even received a temporary short arm cast to take home as a souvenir.

Students from LCC, Roslyn, Selwyn House, St. George’s, Willington and The Priory were very grateful for their unique learning experience while realizing that their donations will benefit others. Thank you to the Toonie Challenge Co-Chairs, Andrea Howick and Nicole Small, Priory parent and committee member, Courtenay Price-Gallagher, and their entire volunteer committee who dedicate themselves to helping patients and involving the children in their mission.  


Reaching Out to Others

With the official start of winter just two weeks away, 4th grade student Olivia Darlington and her classmates are reaching out to help Syrian refugees that will be emigrating to Canada this winter. During a school assembly last week, Olivia asked the Priory community to bring in gently-used winter clothing to help keep refugee children and their parents cozy through the winter months. With the Priory community's support, Olivia wishes to provide the Syrian refugees a warm welcome this winter. 

Annual Christmas Food Drive

In the spirit of Christmas, an annual food drive was held at The Priory to support St Gabriel's Parish Christmas Basket Program. The Christmas Baskets are distributed to 600 needy individuals and families during the holidays. A heartwarming thank you to our Priory families for their generous donations.

Shark Week at The Priory

The Grade 5 and 6 Expedition Group, led by Mrs. Sherriffs, Mrs. Raymond and Mme Martineau, while focusing on a unit of study on Biodiversity, launched a 'Save the Sharks' campaign during the first week of December.  Students spent the week creating posters, making announcements during assembly and rallied to raise awareness of the shark crisis in Costa Rica. Thanks to everyone’s support, this awareness campaign raised $1,131 and as part of a raffle draw, four children spent a delightful Friday afternoon with our lovely kitchen ladies, Lucia Mastrogiacomo and Romana Zangrillo baking chocolate chip cookies. READ MORE IN THE NEWS: LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL


Student Council Launches Candy Fundraiser

A message from Student Council: A few weeks ago, Student Council launched a fundraiser to fill a tub (49.2 liters) with leftover Halloween candy. We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully met our goal. Thank you for all of your generous donations. We will be donating these special treats to the Welcome Hall Mission. We will surely be able to put a smile on many peoples' faces. On behalf of Student Council, we thank you for your support. 


Jethro and Maya Have a New Home

At The Priory, Halloween isn't only about receiving treats and dressing up in costume. It's also about reaching out. Thanks to Priory parents' contributions to last year's Halloween Party, The Priory adopted Jethro, who was born, raised and retired from a medical lab, and Maya, who spent most of her life in a zoo. Both Jethro and Maya can now live out the rest of their lives enjoying retirement at the Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Montreal. The contributions help the Sanctuary with the purchase of food, new toys and also help to expand the living environment for the resident chimpanzees.


The Beep Run

For years children have been asking, "how come the teachers don't participate in the Beep Run?" This year was very different because instead of just asking the question, Grade 6 student Chloé Lee-Gauthier turned the question into a fundraiser and ensured its success. The morning of Friday, June 13th, Grade 3,4,5 and 6 students gathered in the gym to cheer on their teachers and Principal Tim Peters, whose goal was to beat the present student record of level fourteen. Thanks to everyone who made a donation, money was raised for 'Right to Play' which uses sport and play to educate and empower children facing adversity.


Grade 2 Reads to Help Children in Need

After two months of incredible dedication and perseverance, the Grade 2 students are proud to announce the successful completion of meeting their class goal to read 100 books. As the students completed their books, they kept track of their total on the Classrooms Care poster. Much to their satisfaction, they exceeded their goal of reading 100 books and were delighted to showcase their progress. In doing so, the class is thrilled to be making a difference in the lives of many children. Recently, the Grade 2 students received a very special certificate on behalf of Scholastic Book Clubs. This certificate of achievement confirms that 100,000 books will be donated to students in need all across Canada. What a memorable moment this was for all of us, one we will surely treasure and hold onto dearly.

Daffodils for the Children

The Priory School, remaining true to its tradition of giving and helping others in the community and around the world, called upon a very dedicated parent, Mrs. Suzanne Csik, to help organize a very successful Daffodil Bulbs Project. Westmount Florist and Pinkerton Florist owners responded to Mrs. Csik's request by donating in total over 1400 Narcissus Bulbs arriving from Holland. The Priory Grade 3 class took on the project and advertised, packaged, sold, and delivered the lovely parcels of bulbs to the eager and generous students and their families. After only one short week, the entire batch was sold and $1,110 was raised and will be sent to Child Haven International and Breakfast for Learning Program in Montreal, two organizations dedicated to helping children. Once again the Priory community showed its commitment to help those in need by donating generously.



Shitima School Café

Earlier in September, there was a fire in the orphanage at Shitima Community School in Kabwe, Zambia where The Priory School's former Afterschool Coordinator Cluny Mackenzie works. In keeping with our strong sense of community, The Priory held a school-wide bake sale on Thursday, September 27th for Shitima School, which provides education, shelter and daily meals to orphans, and other vulnerable children who would otherwise live in great deprivation. The Shitima Café opened and students and their families purchased baked goods prepared lovingly by Priory children, parents and staff. This creative initiative raised an outstanding $1877 which will go towards the purchase of personal belongings such as cloths, shoes, school uniforms and towels for 24 children who lost everything in the fire. A big thank you to all our wonderful bakers and to our Grade 6 students who worked tirelessly to make Shitima Café a success. READ MORE IN THE NEWS: PRIORY HELPS ZAMBIAN ORPHANS

Read the thank you letter that was sent from Shitima School and find out how The Priory has made a difference in the lives of so many children.