The Priory at a Glance

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The Priory School is a premier coeducational independent English school specializing in elementary education, offering classes from Kindergarten to the end of cycle three.

The Priory welcomes children who may not otherwise be eligible for English education in the province of Quebec. As the school does not receive government assistance, The Priory can provide instruction in English to any child regardless of the parents' origins or language.

The school was founded on Catholic traditions and welcomes students of all backgrounds while maintaining its spiritual and moral integrity. The universal values common to all faiths are promoted and integrated into the religious program.


The Priory has an enrollment of approximately 168 students each year. Class size ranges from 20-24 Students. Math, Science, French, English Language Arts, and Art are taught in half groups of twelve.


The Priory offers a small, warm, and caring environment. The Priory believes this is the key to helping children develop their first learning skills and ensuring that education will continue to be a happy and rewarding experience.


Located in a quiet, residential area close to downtown Montreal, The Priory offers a safe and secure environment. The school's spacious grounds include climbing frames, a jungle gym, basketball court, skating rink and a sliding hill for winter fun.


Our facilities include a light-filled art room, a designated music room, a French environment for both Junior and Senior French programs, a dedicated library, a state of the art science lab and computer centre, a new and expanded gym, and a playground and recreation field with a skating rink for winter activities.


The school is administered by a corporation of active parents who elect a Board of Directors each year. The Board, in close cooperation with the Principal, sets the overall school policies.