Visual Arts

Priory students have endless opportunities to express themselves in creative and meaningful ways. The visual arts program at The Priory School is designed to help children acquire visual literacy and to develop their creative potential. The children are actively involved with the creative process learning different ways to represent, express, and symbolize their feelings and ideas. The art teacher, Mme Kuska, acts as a mentor to the students, facilitating the artistic encounters, stimulating the children's imaginations, and developing their skills in a playful atmosphere that fosters the growth of self-confidence. Classes are taught to half-groups (approximately 12 students) and meet in an art studio. The language of instruction is French.

For information about The Priory's visual arts program see ARTS PLASTIQUES. 

Les «Selfies” de 6me Année»

Les élèves de 6e année ont participé à un vernissage pour présenter leurs «selfies»


Goblins, ghosts and witches were all welcomed guests at this year's horrifying Halloween craft making workshop that took place on Friday, October 27th, in the haunted Art room. The brave Priory students created scary wearable masks and some ghoulishly good treats in celebration of Halloween. A spooky good time was had by all! A big thank you to our crafty wizard, Mme Kuska.

Qu'est-ce qui vous nourrit?

La classe de 6e année a visité Métèque, un espace d'art collaboratif situé au cœur de NDG. Les élèves ont participé à un atelier fantastique dont le thème était inspiré du concept Mohawk <<tionnhehkwen, ou de ce qui est instrumental pour la vie – graines de vie.>>

vernissage de papier mâché et de peinture acrylique


Les élèves ont invité leurs parents au vernissage de papier mâché et de peinture acrylique « La Table à Diner : Collection d’artistes Canadiens ».

Peindre des fresques avec Philippe Mastrocola, un graffeur Montréalais



Auto-portraits d'élèves de 5e année après avoir étudié Picasso


Oui, c'est moi...
Avec mon chapeau d'hiver. La maternelle


Faisons l'art ensemble


Le 27 octobre dernier, lors d'un atelier pratique parents-enfants dirigé par Mme Kuska,  la classe d'arts plastiques de notre école a été animée par des créations enthousiastes et passionnées.  "Faisons l'art ensemble" était une occasion amusante pour les mamans, les papas et leurs enfants de passer un après-midi ensemble pour explorer l'art et la créativité à travers divers médias artistiques.


Montreal ART375

Galerie d'art LSB opened its doors today to QAIS students who were invited to celebrate our city's 375th anniversary - MY MONTRÉAL/J'AIME MA VILLE. The theme of the exhibition is all about our city: "my favourite spot in Montreal, a special place that I go to, my neighbourhood". Thanks are due to Ilana Kuska, the Priory's art teacher, for her inspiration and initiative in organizing this special exhibition featuring 400 pieces of art and entertainment by the QAIS Arts Band. 


Des endroits secrets et des trésors cachés

Le projet d’art communautaire de Westmount, 'Des endroits secrets et des trésors cachés', a été organisé par le Centre des arts visuels. Les œuvres ont été créées par des élèves de 4e année en collaboration avec les artistes ainsi qu'avec Mme Kuska. L`Exposition des élèves aura lieu à la galerie du Victoria Hall du 26 mai au 16 juin 2017.


The Story Behind the Art

The Grade 2 class was privileged to meet Artist Marta V. Tornero, Nonna to Priory students Gabriela and Camila, who showed the children examples of her sculptures and artwork and shared stories behind her creations. Marta explained how her inspiration came from a love of dolls from her childhood and the use of fruits and vegetables helped create whimsical mixed media pieces that are true to herself. In honour of Marta’s beautiful sculptures, and her lovely anecdotes from her own life shared with our students, the Grade 2 class will be creating mixed media artwork with Mme Kuska, and will share it with others, including Marta. 




There's nothing like lots of colourful rocks, heart shaped cookies and whipped frosting to bring out the creativity in us! Priory children joined art teacher, Mme Kuska and their friends, on Friday, February 10th, for a special Valentine's Art Workshop. With the help of parents and our senior students, Jackie Seitz and Saloni Chawla, children thoroughly enjoyed decorating whimsical heart rocks and hand written notes for that "someone special" in their lives. This workshop was truly a labour of love for all involved!

Le Paysage Canadien - 6me année


Des Maisons Boîtes à Surprise


Abstract Art with Philippe Mastrocola

Inspired by their Art teacher Mme Kuska and a Montreal-based graffiti artist, photographer and muralist, Philippe Mastrocola, Grade 6 students experimented with colour and light and applied diverse techniques to create Abstract Art. During class, Philippe emphasized how "abstract art takes trust and confidence" and "as an artist you need to let the colours guide you".  Art teacher, Mme Kuska, proudly commented that there is something magical about every art piece that was created by her students. The lesson concluded with a special presentation of Philippe's work, both locally and internationally, and some encouraging words: “Remain dedicated and pursue your passions, because every dream is attainable!” 


The Priory Annual Art Show

This year’s Priory’s annual Art Show was held on Wednesday, June 8th in conjunction with The Priory’s Spring Concert. Art pieces created by students showcased different mediums and highlighted the creative talent at The Priory. From pottery to line drawings and water colour, every work of art had a story to tell. Congratulations to all the students for their accomplishments and their teacher, Mme Kuska, for her creative inspiration. Enjoy the compilation of many of the art pieces that were on display.


Grade 1 and Grade 6 join together to create imaginary wooden toys.

The Priory Welcomes Renowned Sculptor Laura Santini

After completing their "Boite a Surprise" art project, renowned artist and sculptor, Laura Santini paid a visit to see the exhibit and meet with the Priory School's Grade 6 class, which includes her niece, Michela Santini, to talk about her own collection and to share her experience in the art-making process. One of her pieces, XTINCT, which intrigued the students, was created to increase public awareness on the issues of endangered species. Mrs. Santini talked about what inspired her work and explained that her idea for this project came from travelling to Canada when she learned about Canada's significant symbol, the polar bear. She collected 3500 oyster shells from local fish stores and restaurants which she carefully glued together to create an actual size sculpture of the polar bear. The project took two years to complete and is a reminder to all of the consequences of global warming. Mrs. Santini also created the large sculpture which is displayed outside Selwyn House School, "Veritas". In answering questions from our Grade 6 students, she revealed that the Kindergarten boy cast in bronze in this sculpture is Michela's brother Ryan who modeled for this piece. She explained how this work exemplifies her philosophy; Mrs. Santini believes that the viewer should interact with art, to touch, climb and play with it. When asked about her favourite sculptures, Mrs. Santini responded by saying that although she has many favorites, the ones that stand out are the "polar bear" sculpture, the "garden broom", a celebration of a simple object and "oranges", a very simple but whimsical piece. It was a great opportunity for students to meet Mrs. Santini and ask questions regarding her artwork and the techniques used. She left the class with these words of inspiration: "as you start your art project, use your imagination and have fun!"

Boite à Surprise par 6e année


The Priory Totem Project

A 'Priory Totem Forest' Vernissage was held during Spring Fair where masterpieces created by every student was placed on display for everyone to admire. Priory parent and Art instructor, Sue Macelli, worked with every student inspiring them to tell their story through this very special art project. Kindergarten students created individual totem poles each one sharing a favorite story and a favouite animal. Grade 1 students created totem faces telling the story of something special that happened over the school year. Grade 2 students created totems using a real or imagined animal that they can personally relate to that describes their personality. Grade 3 students painted terracotta pots illustrating an event in their family history. Grade 4 students produced a totem pole with animals that describes each family member. Grade 5 students created animal totems to describe their talents and abilities, while Grade 6 students created "All About Me" graffiti identity boxes. Thank you to Sue Macelli for her spiritual guidance and inspiration. The enchanted Totem Forest was a labour of love from the initial idea to the very last task. The children enjoyed not only learning about history and telling their stories through art, they were able to work with a talented artist and dedicated parent. The final results are breathtaking! 

Caféteria par 6e année


L'architecture et la nature par 4e année


'New Beginning' Visual Arts Centre Workshop

Artist Lea McLean from the Visual Arts Centre's Outreach Program visited The Priory once again this year to work with the Grade 4 and 5 students on a special art project. The theme this year was "New Beginning". The Grade 5 students created a ladder made from plywood, tempera paint and yarn. The crafty class used hammers and nails to build the ladder and wove a piece of yarn through each step representing each student. The Grade 4 students used foam core, acrylic paint and wood to create a door to symbolize the old adage, “when one door closes, another opens”. The children's art works will be on exhibit at the Victoria Hall Gallery starting May 27th.


Exploring Abstract Painting

Thanks to Philippe Mastrocola, a Montreal-based graffiti artist, photographer, muralist and abstract painter, the Grade 6 students explored the process and various techniques of abstract painting with a hands-on approach.


Inspired by Emily


Inspired By Emily Art Show on a sunny Saturday afternoon in early December, the Market Street Art Gallery in Burlington, Vermont was packed with admiring visitors ranging from young children to grandparents. They all gathered to be part of the opening of the "Inspired by Emily" art show. Mme Kuska was there to show support to the Lyman family on this touching occasion, and to see our beautiful 15-foot Priory banner hanging up high on the gallery wall. The banner was created by the graduating class of 2013 under the guidance of artist Philippe Mastrocola.


The Magical Friends

Touched by her cousin's great strength and moved by her words, Grade 6 student Nina Egger read a poem "The Magical Friends" written by her cousin, Emily, to the rest of her class. Inspired by Emily's story and poetic expression, the Grade 6 children wanted to pay Emily tribute and do something special to honour her life. With the help of art teacher Mme Kuska and graffiti artist Philippe Mastrocola, the class collaborated on a 15 foot canvas which celebrated the life of Emily Lyman, who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3. Sadly, Emily passed away in December 2012. She was 15 years old. Although many of us never knew Emily, she will always be remembered and her memory is forever in our hearts. 

The Magical Friends
By Emily Lyman

We are the magical friends
We don't play board games
We move the planets across the sky
Mixing them up and putting them back
Like a jigsaw puzzle
We are the magical friends
We don't drink water
We drink the liquid that drips from the moon
It burns our throat with cold
We are the magical friends
We don't wear clothes
We wear capes
Woven out of rainbows and words
We are the magical friends
We don't fear dragons
We keep them as pets and ride them place to place
We are the magical friends
We don't eat food
We eat the night sky that's sprinkled with suns and stars
We are the magical friends.

Scavenger Art Hunt

The Grade 4 class took an unforgettable journey into the world of Contemporary, Modern, Canadian and African art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on May 29th. With a sketchbook and pencil in hand, Priory students participated in a scavenger hunt which led them to explore numerous art pieces, passionate artists and various art techniques. The children went back to school with smiles on their faces and a greater appreciation for works of art. 

The Visual Arts Centre Workshop


Once again this year the Grade 4 and Grade 5 students took pleasure in a special art project organized by the Visual Arts Centre's outreach program. In collaboration with the McEntyre Creative Writing Competition, this year's theme is "A Special Place". The Grade 5 students created art pieces made from plaster gauze that were placed in a hand-crafted box. The Grade 4 students created their "Special Place" by painting on acetate and placing it in their unique box. The children's art works will be on exhibition at the Victoria Hall Gallery in May.


The Art of Watercolour


Thanks to visiting artist and art educator, Sharon Smith, and Priory art teacher Mme Kuska, students in Grade 5 had fun exploring the various techniques of watercolour. The Children experimented with brushes, brushstrokes and mixing different colours on paper. The end results were unique and vibrant works of art which are now on display in our new art gallery space. We invite parents to visit the art exhibition and see the great diversity of creative activity that takes place at The Priory.


The Visual Arts Centre Workshop

Once again this year the grade 4 and 5 students were treated to a special art project organized by the Visual Arts Centre's outreach program. In collaboration with the McEntyre Creative Writing Competition, this year's theme is "Celebration". The grade 5 students created tissue paper papier marché hats. The grade 4 students created marbleized paper hats. The results were colourful, unique and creative hats to be worn during a 'celebration'. The children's art works is on exhibition at the Victoria Hall Gallery.