The goal of the Priory School Music Program is to give each student the opportunity to begin a lifelong love and appreciation of music. New and exciting challenges at each stage are aimed at developing sensory-motor skills and creative problem solving, fostering an awareness of all sounds, musical and non-musical, promoting an appreciation of various music compositions from around the world and the students' own classroom and encouraging attentiveness, personal reflection and a respect for everyone's unique abilities.

From the battery of tuned and un-tuned Orff instruments employed in Cycle One to the much anticipated recorder studies in Cycles Two and followed by the Band Program in Cycle Three, the students look forward to new instruments and the unique skills they develop at every step of their musical journey. At every stage, students sing and use the instrument that is inside each one of them.


Throughout the year, music is performed and enjoyed inside and outside The Priory School. The beginning of December sees the Grade 4 music class performing songs at the Annual Toy Tea, a fundraising event that raises money and toys for the children residing in women's shelters during the holiday season. Soon after, the whole school performs at The Priory Christmas Concert, a major musical event which always ushers in the Christmas season for students and parents. The New Year brings with it a trip for Grades 3-6 to listen to our beloved Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Students are prepared several weeks before the performance so that they can truly appreciate the composers and their masterworks that they will hear performed live. Spring is always busy with activity as every grade once again works together to present a concert to showcase the progress they've made throughout the year.

During each of the major concerts, a play is presented, which string together all the children's songs and pieces into a single performance and allows students of the Grade 6 class to creatively develop their dramatic talents. Instrumental pieces are chosen from the students' own composition projects, which are completed throughout the year and provide students with unique insight into the form and structure of this language that they are learning to write as well as read. Whenever possible, it is the students themselves who provide the accompaniment to songs using piano, guitar and violin. Drama is also enjoyed by The Choiry, The Priory choir, who prepares a short play with songs at the end of the school year. The Choiry can be joined by any student in Grade 4, 5 and 6 who loves singing and would like an opportunity to do more of it.


Music is enjoyed not only at special events, but twice each week throughout the entire year at every morning assembly. Songs in French and English are either joyous or reflective in nature, and often reflect the values of peace, love, kindness and respect that are cherished at The Priory School.

Music is all around us throughout each day of our lives, and it is a basic expression of human culture. By giving each Priory student the opportunity to perform, create and listen to music, we give them a new voice in which they can choose to express who they are in a diverse, global society.