The Priory School Foundation


What we do

Our Foundation is devoted to raising funds for the school's continued development of innovative educational approaches so that it can maintain low tuition fees, small class sizes and personalized student care.

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Why we do it

In 2001, The Priory School Board of Directors worked with a group of committed friends, parents and alumni to establish The Priory School Foundation. The group had one common belief: that The Priory School was a gem unlike any other school in Montreal. Priory students and alumni embody leadership, moral strength of character and most of all, love of learning and joy of living.

While tuition fees cover the costs of running The Priory day to day, in order to continue to nourish the school, the Priory Foundation began raising funds for the schools future growth and dreams. This allows for an enriched educational experience while keeping tuition fees from becoming disproportionately expensive.

Our foundation works to bring our school's dreams to life.

Our successes

Since its inception, the Foundation has raised over $3.3 million. These funds have helped the school purchase computers for IT learning, SmartBoards for integrative teaching methods and an upgraded school yard for safe and fun play.

Recently, the Foundation along with the Capital Campaign Co-Chairs raised over $2 million for the Spreading Our Wings Capital Campaign, which allowed the school to build its newest wing, housing the classrooms for Grades, 3, 4, 5, 6, senior French, The Priory Enrichment Program (PEP), music, art, and gym. The Foundation's 2012-2013 Annual Campaign allowed the school to implement a band program for the first time, which gives students in Grades 5 and 6 the chance to learn band instruments before they reach high school.

Over $600,000 of our funds are endowed, which means they are invested and the annual revenue is used to support particular programs. In 2006, our endowed funds allowed The Priory School to start The Priory Enrichment Program (PEP). This program gives all children one-on-one attention when they are learning to read, additional support to those children who may require extra care at certain times, and enrichment projects for those thirsty for greater challenges.

Another program funded by our endowment is the bursary program. Every year, the Bursary Fund distributes $25,000 to $30,000 to needy families. The average donation is $3000 to $4000. The majority of these funds go to current families who are in need of assistance in order to keep their children in the school.

How we do it

Every year, The Priory School Foundation runs an Annual Campaign to raise funds for a particular project. The projects are chosen by the school Principal in collaboration with the school staff and The Priory School Board of Directors.

Who we are

The Priory School Foundation Executive Team and Directors 2018-2019:

Ms. Kimberly Darlington 

Mr. Patrick Mattei

Martin Blais

Mr. Davey Lahteenmaa

Ms. Cynthia Coletti
Mr. Graeme Johnson
Ms. Andrea Krieble
Mr. Mario Pasteris
Ms. Nathalie Petrucci-Cecere
Ms. Rhonda Shlafman
Mr. Achilles Tsialtas
Ms. Kelly Winter

Honorary Directors
Ms. Susan Dawson-McConnell
Mr. Tim Peters
Ms. Deborah Heuff
Mr. John Marinelli
Ms. Pierette Wong

Mr. David Lähteenmaa, Development and Alumni Relations Officer
Mr. Christian St-Pierre, Head of School

Our Foundation's Members are always happy to answer any questions you may have or to listen to ideas or suggestions. We can be reached by email, and by calling 514-935-5966 Ext. 227.

Interested in knowing more?

For further information about giving to The Priory School, please visit our giving page.