Happy Children Learn Best


At its core, The Priory School is a profoundly positive community, and all Priory stakeholders believe that ‘happy children learn best’. Our inviting family atmosphere has become a hallmark at The Priory, empowering children to embrace challenges within a supportive community. This positive outlook of themselves helps our students become not simply lifelong learners, but lifelong contributors.

The Priory School has remained true to its roots throughout its 70 years of evolution, specializing in elementary education and providing its students with an environment that is inspiring and aware of individual needs. As you walk through the hallways of The Priory, there is a welcoming spirit and a feeling of joy that permeates the school. Priory students are very proud of their school and feel that they are an integral part of the school’s Mission. This sense of belonging emanates from the confidence and comfort they receive from our teachers, who ignite a passion for learning and cultivate intrinsic motivation in our students. Each child is encouraged to explore their interests, discover their individual strengths, and most importantly, to be kind.

With a firm belief that children excel when provided with small group learning opportunities, The Priory has and will always be known as a place where everyone knows your name. The Priory provides a highly personalized learning experience that only a small school can provide. The school’s strength in small numbers, where children are introduced to new concepts in groups of 12, ensures that each student's academic and social-emotional needs are met. No matter what the dreams of our students may be, our small school can bring them into reach.